Monday, December 22, 2014

The Christmas dress

Emma is getting so tall these days she is growing out of everything so quickly.  All of her church dresses were getting too short and she really needed a new one.  Mom and I went shopping one afternoon looking for some things to pick up for the kids.  We walked into children's place and we were looking at some cute tops when I heard Emma, "Ohhhhhh, Mom!! Look at this beautiful Christmas dress.  I LOVE it!!" She was holding an adorable black dress with a large rose print pattern on it and a red ribbon sash across the middle.  I held it up and looked at the price tag, it was $35.  Trying to keep four kids in clothes and shoes that are cute and fit is definitely not cheap and to add to it of course it was Christmastime.  It was over what I felt I should spend on one dress.  I went to hang it back on the rack. "Wait, can I pllllllleeeeease try it on Mom, please?"
 "Sure go ahead and try it on, it will be fun" I told her as she skipped away with it over to the dressing room.  I put it on her and as I zipped up the back I saw her in the mirror.  It fit her perfect and she looked darling in it.  She twirled and curtsied watching her reflection and couldn't stop smiling.  "It is so beautiful, I love it! Can we get it mom, please?" "No babe, not today." I told her as I watched the disappointment wash over her face.  As she started to get dressed back into her clothes my heart felt heavy.  She is only going to be little so much longer and she may be our last little girl.  I have loved getting her all dressed up cute.  I was frustrated, wishing that I could feel okay with spending that but I didn't.  Wondering when we are going to be more comfortable financially to be able to not have a thirty five dollar dress be such a big deal.  Wishing I could get it for her.  Our kids are so good about appreciating everything they have and not really asking for anything that when they do you know it is something they are really excited about.  As Em finished I walked over and put it back.  "Oh isn't that dress so sweet?" said one of the cashier's who was folding t-shirts to the side of me.  "You're not going to get it? It's such a good deal though" she continued.  I was thinking that a "good deal" was clearly different in our worlds when she added, "all special occasion dresses are 40% off today!"
 My ears perked up.  "I have a 15% coupon I was trying to use though, it probably doesn't work with that offer right?"  I asked.  She waived me over to a register and asked to see the coupon.  "Oh yes this is 15% off any item in the store including sale and clearance items."  I couldn't believe it.  "Do you have a rewards card with us as well" she asked.  I knew I did because I shop there often for the kids but really never check on it.  She pulled up our phone number, "You also have rewards points that you can use" she added.  By the time she took the discount, coupon, rewards points and added tax it was just under $10!!!  I know it sounds ridiculous but as I paid for it I wanted to cry I was so excited to see Em's face.  When I walked out of the store she saw the bag in my hand and her eyes got wide.  She ran over and threw her arms around me, "Thank mommy, thank you for my beautiful Christmas dress" she told me.  Oh my heart.  How I love these sweet babies of mine.  When we got home she laid it across her bed until Deke got home and she could show him.  Pretty sure everyone and anyone who would listen heard about her "special new Christmas dress" that she couldn't stop talking about.  Crazy thing was I had saved so much I was able to go find a cute pair of black flats and some tights to go with it and was under $35 for the whole outfit.  All I know is whenever I think of Christmas dresses I will remember the black dress with the rose pattern and red sash.

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