Saturday, May 02, 2009

Shoe fettish lifestyle

Well since I shared the addiction of one of my children, I might as well tell you about my other child. Avery has a major shoe addiction. Okay maybe it's just because I'm mom but I think this is adorable. :)
Ever since she learned to walk she would go around and try on different pairs of shoes around the house. She would wear Deke's shoes or my shoes or lots of different pairs of her shoes. She owns way too many pairs of shoes and can full on sprint in high heels. She will change her shoes at least ten to twelve times a day on a minimum. She wears shoes all day long and hates to go barefoot. It is the sweetest thing. I have such a hard time getting her to smile for the camera, let alone even look at it. Today when I took a handful of her shoes and dumped them on the bed for her to play with she was smiles galore. Shoes can but a smile on her face right away. I got her a pink wall plaque for her wall that says, "One Shoe Can Change Your Life."-Cinderella. It is such a cute little girly quirk that I love about her, heaven help us if she continues as she gets older trying to support her shoe fettish lifestyle :)