Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happiest little girl

Emma is the happiest baby. Easy going, mellow...just happy. Silly and smiley, happy. I love that when she smiles she has "happy eyes" she has a contagious grin. Those cute little teeth showing. She just has such a happy little countenance. Of course lets face it she is a teething baby and a female so she can have her days but most of the time she is content and just plays. She loves Hunter and Avery so much and most of the time are the major thing that she smiles about. Yesterday she was sitting in her highchair at lunchtime and Avery and Hunter were playing with her. I was able to catch how one of her smiles "start" First comes this little tightlipped face, sort of an entertained smirk:Next starting to spread into a grin....

Before you know it we are into a full fledged, adorable Emma smile!!!
And then before you know it, another one is on its way....

What E is up to...

The other day Avery and Emma were playing together and Ave put her princess backpack on Miss E. She loved it. She wore it on her back for an hour and went around playing with her toys and baby dolls as if she didn't even realize she was wearing it.

Then the other day she was sitting in her highchair and I finally got her to show some of her new tricks for the camera. Here she is folding her arms:
Here is what she does when we ask her where someone or something is. Most common is "Where is daddy?" or "Where is your baby?" then she puts her hands out shrugs her shoulders and makes a little sound that I swear is her trying to verbalize "I don't know." It is so funny.

She is such a little mommy. Avery liked baby dolls but not until closer to two. Emma loves babies. It amazes me at only fourteen months old what she already knows how to do. She likes to put a baby into the play carseat and carry it around the house and then move it from the play highchair to the baby port a crib.

When she first picks one of her babies up she will hold it close and bounce up and down slightly with it just like the way I have done with her when she was born. She will bounce and sort of rock as if she is trying to calm the baby down or put it to sleep. She gets absolutely tickled when she brings me a baby and puts it on my lap so that I can wrap it up in a blanket for her. She will give her baby kisses and laughs when I pretend to tickle her baby or throw it in the air. It is adorable. She is already so nurturing.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Brenn's Bridal Shower!! Party #1-Luncheon

This past Saturday I hosted Brenn's bridal shower at our house. It was seriously so much fun. We had a luncheon/shower from 12-2. The theme was vintage and lovebirds. I tried to incorporate green accents everywhere since Brenn loves green. Of course lots of pictures of Brenn and Kaulin who are very photogenic and adorable together.
This fun tree on the present table with cute little scrap bird silhouettes. A fun pennant banner hanging from the window with their names.I learned how to make tissue paper pom poms from martha stewart online which were super easy and sooooo cute. Then just added a couple of butterflies made out of scrapbook paper and tada! a cute decor item. Ave saw them and quickly committed me to making her some for her birthday but "pink ones mom" she added. I found some cute ceramic birds and had them around the house and on the table as part of the centerpiece. We had some different variations of salads, rolls and I made some individual fruit tarts from scratch. Seriously cooking anything for Brenn who has been through culinary school is always a little nerve wracking for me. That morning trying to get the first two out of their pans they went to crumbles as almost did I worrying if they were going to turn out. They ended up working out great though and tasting yummy. We did a regular and chocolate graham crust, a vanilla bean custard filling (my first time using an actual vanilla bean in cooking) and of course berries on top. Here is the bride to be dishing up her plate. She as always looked gorgeous.

After awhile of visiting and eating we played games. We played some wedding trivia which was fun and learned interesting facts such as, according to the Guinness book of world records the longest wedding train was 8,164 ft long and the oldest piece of wedding cake was 167 years old. Then each person got a pen and a paper plate and had to draw a picture of Brenn in her wedding dress, on top of their head. This game was hilarious. As soon as people started drawing they were cracking up. Brenn and Kimbre however actually being artists were pretty focused and of course their drawing killed everyone elses. Then Brenn went around the room and each person had to show her their drawing and explain why she should choose them to be the winner. Brenn spent a decent amount of time deliberating and then chose Kaulin's cousin Ashley as the winner. Next we played "find the groom." We had blown up 30 plus balloons and put magazing pictures of different guys rolled up inside of them. Each person was given and pin and had to pick a balloon that they thought had a picture of Kaulin inside. Orginally I wanted to just put the balloons in the middle of the room say "ready, set, go" and let everyone loose on them until someone found Kaulin. However it was pointed out that the Grandma's probably aren't as limber and may not be able to play this way so we modified it. Everyone had a chance to pick a balloon and on go, started popping until someone found him. Aunt Lou found the balloon with Kaulin inside. It was fun to go around and see which guys had been in each balloon everything from Pee Wee Herman to a shirtless Mark Wahlberg. Then it was time to open up presents, they recieved a lot of nice gifts. Brenn of course was super excited about anything kitchen related. Hence this very smiley picture of her with her new crockpot. The vinyl Krebs Family sign we had made for her:

Then just some pictures of us having fun throughout the day...

It was so much fun. We laughed so hard like we do whenever all four of us are together. We all love Brenn so much. But the fun was far from over, there was more partying ahead...