Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This morning as I was getting the kids ready for the day, getting them in their green St. Patrick's attire I was thinking about how lucky and blessed we are.

I was thinking about how grateful I am to have been blessed and entrusted with four beautiful children. How grateful I am for Ethan and Dylan and their perfect, valiant little spirits and the experience of getting to have twins in our family. For their perfect tiny little fingers and toes that I can't wait to kiss on. For Hunter, his outgoing personality and comedic relief that he constantly brings to the house. For his love of socializing with me and his quirkness. For his tender heart and yet his energetic look and life. For Avery and her sweetness. For her girly mannerisms and her quiet little contented playing. For that big brown eyed innocent look she gives. ( no not that one :) ) Greatful for the great love and sacrifice that brought her to our family. About how much I love each of them and how much each of their little personalities add to our family and brighten up our household. How sweet their little relationship is with each other. I guess just feeling lucky to be their mom and excited at the opportunity to add more to the mix. At first they weren't too thrilled to be involved with my little impromptu photo shoot but the bribe of a lifesaver gummy helped aid in the process. :) :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Little Mommy

Sorry some of the pictures are blurry :( and her sheets and comforter aren't even on her bed because I was washing them so she is just sitting on her matress...nice. Just so you know she does usually have a bedspread a very cute one actually. Well Avery has really started getting into playing with her baby dolls. She has her little Mermaid baby that goes in the bath with her. She loves to take her other two babies and dress them and feed them and put them in the crib for a nap. It cracks me up when she comes out of my room wearing a pair of my heels, with her purse on her arm and strolling her baby. This particular afternoon she was dressing and diapering her baby so I decided to take some pictures of her. I love watching her be a little mommy.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Signs of love everywhere

I love Valentine's Day, actually I just love holidays. I had already decided around New Year's what I was going to do this year for the Grandma's and Grandpa's. We made chocolate covered topiary's. Hunter painted the pots and the styrofoam balls, Deke put them together, and then I prettied them up with chocolates in mini muffin cups and ribbon. I was so excited making them and I think they turned out really cute. If anyone wants to know how to make them it is really simple and a really fun gift to give. All the Grandma's seemed to love them. I wish I had had the time to make some for our work places and my visiting teaching sister's but I didn't quite get there. They were so pretty I didn't want to eat them. :) We decided to give the kids some books for Valentine's day. I found these cute books for them, for Hunter I found 3-D Dinosaur and 3-D Reptiles and some cute little cow books for Missy Moo. They were so excited about it which made me happy because we can never have enough books. This year Deke did the fourteen days of Valentine's for me which was awesome. I actually got really excited to come home and see what he had waiting for me. Here are just a couple of things that he gave me:

Now I read this and had an idea as to what he bought for me if you get my drift, then I opened it and saw this...

A new straightening iron!!! I jumped up and hugged him I was truly excited. After six years of marriage the term "something hot" has gone from meaning what I thought he was going to get to something practical that I could really use like a straigtening iron. My sister said that it was truly a selfless gift since he probably still wanted to get the other thing but got what I could really use instead. The rest of the days brought different fun things both romantic and practical a pleasant mix. Another fun goodie was a two year extended subscription to my favorite scrapbook magazine. Lots of fun :)