Monday, April 30, 2007

A camping we will go

Well this weekend was our annual Adams family camp out. We headed to Globe on Friday evening and ended up setting up our little campsite under the stars. We enjoyed some hot dog roasting and s'mores and stories around the fire. The next day we visited, played games, and of course our family raffle. Hunter won a large bucket full of spider man stuff and a new camping lantern. I won a really cute 4th of July decoration for the house and was lucky enough to take home the jean quilt that my mom and sisters had put together. Deke, well he got to eat most of Hunter's candy bag from the pinata. It did rain for a few hours that afternoon but it was actually really nice. That night we had a big family cookout with chicken, dutch oven potatoes, and an assortment of salads and sweets. As if we hadn't had enough to eat, Deke made a delicious peach cobbler in our new dutch oven. We then stayed up late telling stories around the campfire and then squeezed as many bodies into our tent as we could and visited even more. The kids were troopers, Hunter was a little adventurous and kept wandering off with the bigger kids without checking with us first. Then once it became dark that problem was resolved since he wouldn't leave our sides. We thought it hilarious that he was totally afraid of the port a potty and every time he had to go, it took like twenty minutes to convince him that he was going to be okay. Even though Avery is trying to cut her two top teeth (thank goodness she does have some) she was a good little camper and slept great the whole time we were there. We had so much fun and of course it went way too fast. When we arrived home last night after bathing Hunter it looked like he had brought the whole forest home with him there was so much dirt. It was so great to see everybody!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Delight in small and simple things

Well those that know me know that I love minature things like mini tupperware, mini furnishing for dollhouses and pretty much anything that is mini compared to its original size. So of course when we were shopping the other day at Safeway at Deke pointed this little thing out I was ecstatic. I know it might sound silly but tell me have you ever seen an ice cream this tiny?? There is no way that you can tell me that you don't think that it is cute....

Look at it compared to our salt shaker, this little Ben & Jerry's is about half the size....
Here it is next to a yogurt, I have never seen an ice cream carton this tiny. Anyways I guess it is good to get a kick out of the small things in life. Have a great day!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Learning the gospel

Well about a year ago we hung a picture of all of the modern day prophets on Hunter's door and he started memorizing them. Then with the start of primary and getting the friend magazine it was time to start really delving into learning about the prophets. We started watching the Book of Mormon videos with him for FHE and then reading about the stories in the scriptures. Grandma Tobar sent him a Nephi action figure in the mail one morning and he asked to take it in the bath with him. As I sat in the bathroom putting on my makeup while he bathed this is what I heard:
He talked aloud to himself about Nephi building a ship to go to the Promised Land. He created waves in the tub and reinacted the storm and Laman and Lemuel tying Nephi to the ship. Then he got really quiet and I turned around to see him eyes closed, arms folded praying to Heavenly Father to stop the storm and "heal Nephi's ouchies." Tears brimming in my eyes as I felt the innocence of his sweet little spirit I then heard him say in a rather authoritative voice, "Nephi I will heal your ouchies." Followed by this he sang awww, awww, awww and rose Nephi out of the water slowly towards Heaven which provided me with comic relief.

I was amazed at how much he comprehended of what we were trying to teach him. On Friday when I went to the temple I got him the Abinadi action figure and the book shown above. For anyone who has little kids this book is awesome teaching about the prophets. The other night Deke went to the kitchen to get a drink and saw his light on. When we opened to door we saw him sitting on his bed, with his Book of Mormon open and looking at the pictures of Nephi in the front. Often during the day he will say to me, "Hey mom you be Abinadi and I'll be Gideon, or you be Laman and I'll be Nephi." It has been so special and heartwarming to Deke and I to see the way he is grasping onto what we are trying to teach him. It is the start of his own little testimony and we are loving watching it grow.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Cute little hairclips

I was so excited to see that Avery has enough hair now to actually pull her hair back with a tiny little clip. Girls are so fun, there are so many more accessories to put on them like tights, bows, and now hair clips. She is still little enough that she leaves bows and clips alone and they look so cute on her.
She even bent her little head down for me so that I could get a good shot of her newest hair do. She is sitting up on her own for long periods of time now and is in the beginning stages of trying to learn to crawl. She scoots herself on the floor and so far can only figure out how to go backwards.


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hardcore Scrapbooker

How do you know that you are truly a hardcore scrapbooker? When you take a shower and find this:

Yes, that is a letter "u" sticker that I found the other day during my shower that I am sure traveled around with me all day. What can I say, I love to scrapbook.

Monday, April 09, 2007

My letter

Back in January on Hunter's first day of primary the teachers had put lists of the kids names on the class door. Hunter walked over pointed to his name and said "Hunter," and then pointed to the "H" and exclaimed "Yep mom that is my letter." I decided that it was probably time to start really digging in on letter recognition and sounds. We have been talking a lot about his name and the names of the people in his family. He has been practicing handwriting sheets with his name on them and now is moving to writing free handed. This afternoon he wrote his name better than I have ever seen him write it and I just had to post it. Working with him makes me miss working in Kindergarten with all the new readers and writers. It sure is special though when you can watch your own child pick up a new skill. Way to go Hunterbug!

Happy Easter

Well we found out this year that if we use red wine vinegar when dying our
Easter eggs that we can really achieve quite the vibrance in our colors.

Hunter had a lot of fun this year since he could actually use the dipper
on his own to dye his eggs. Hope everyone had a great Easter!!!