Thursday, March 29, 2007

Deke n' Kel

Deke and I headed to Flagstaff on Friday to stay at a Bed & Breakfast up there for our five year anniversary. I included some pictures and humorous moments from our trip in the post below. During the weekend we spent a lot of time looking back on our first five years. It has gone so fast and we have grown so much through our life experiences. We never imagined the day that we were sealed in the temple, the joy, the heartache, the success, the struggles, and the growth that were in store for us. We feel like we have grown so much in such a short time and are thankful that our experiences have made us grow together. Though there have been trials that we have gone through that have made us feel like we were struggling to get through the day, we have “found our feet” and come out even stronger. Our love, appreciation, commitment, faith, and hope for the future are so strong. I can’t even tell you how many times since we were married that I have gotten down on my knees and said a prayer thanking Heavenly Father for sending me Deke as my eternal companion, I know that Deke and I were meant to be together. He is a consistent happiness in my life when other things in the world are so fleeting. When we first were married people kept telling us that as time goes by you love each other even more deeply and it is so true. We look forward to many more years together and are excited to see what wonderful things the next five years bring.

A Great Weekend

Here are some pictures from our trip to Flagstaff:

This is the B&B where we stayed in the (Star Gazer) room...

I enjoyed Black Tiger shrimp pasta and Deke devoured his Duck with an apricot glaze and Gouda mashed potatoes, YUM...We took in the sights, star gazing at Lowell Observatory and shopping in Sedona...
A fun, romantic, relaxing weekend!!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Weekend with Grandma

Well Hunter has been talking about Grandma Tobar coming to visit him for the last two weeks. Every morning he would wake up and we would have to discuss the schedule of what he and Grandma were going to do when she came. We tried to remind him that she would only be here for three days and that we couldn't do everything. Yet he was determined to pack his weekend with his Grandma as full as he could with activities. We picked mom and the girls up at the airport on Thursday which was crazy since it is spring break time and almost everyone in Phoenix was at the airport that day. Add onto the adventure with lost luggage, a hungry baby, and a three year old that has gone in circles around the airport for a half hour and is getting bored you have quite the airport trip. Not to mention running into one of MeKell's close friends from High School that she hasn't seen in about five years.
We then met Grandma Herring at Sweet Tomato and enjoyed a delicious dinner, said good-bye to the girls and headed for Prescott Valley. We kept the weekend busy with a park trip(followed by an ice cream run), family history work, baking peanut butter cookie batches, playing games, looking at scrapbooks and showing mom how to organize her pictures on the computer, dancing to the "Cars" soundtrack, relaxing, staying up late talking, walking through some of Deke's houses, planning a jean quilt, going to Flagstaff to visit Brittany, meeting GG and Papa at a park, an Easter egg hunt,
and a lot of other fun activities. Hunter and Eden played so much and really enjoyed one another's company. It was so cute to watch the way that they interacted with each other this visit. Grandma and Hunter got to have a lot of fun one on one time playing or reading which just made Hunter's week. Mom and MeKell actually had time to visit and work on projects when all three kids were napping which was great. We went to church this morning and it was so nice to be able to have mom meet all of our friends in our ward and for us to go to Relief Society together. We all did good until we drove away after putting her on the shuttle and Hunter said, "Mommy, Grandma is just going to follow us home to our house in that van." When we reminded him that she was going home to San Diego then the tears came first from Hunter, then from Mommy. It never is long enough, and it seems so long in between visits but we are sure grateful and enjoy it so much whenever Grandma gets to come!!!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

She loves her bath

Avery loves her bathtime. She loves to just splash and kick around in the water until she is way beyond pruning. She like to play with bath toys and have me dump water on her as she giggles. I love these little pictures of her in the bath. You can see that hint of red in her hair which is so pretty and her cute toothy grin. She is such a sweetheart. It is such a fun time for me to sit and talk and play with her. She will make little sounds back and me or just look up and grin at me. Love this little missy moo.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Good morning

Well I woke up the other morning to the sounds of Avery on the monitor
starting to wake up when I heard, "Shhhhh Avery you are going to
wake up mom." Intrigued, I sat up in bed and turned the sound up, again Avery
fussed and I heard "Avery scoot over." Now concerned I hurried to Avery's
room to see what was going on, this is what I found:

What possessed him to climb in the crib with her? Who knows How did he climb in there? I don't want to know He is really excited over her it is really sweet and she just loves him to pieces. I have posted two other updates to the blog this week it has been a fun week!

My First Teeth...

Can you see them? Avery has her first teeth and two at
the same time! Since Hunter didn't get his first tooth until
he was fourteen months old and was already
walking and talking, this has been a new experience for us.
She looks so cute with them and now has a third
tooth coming in from the top. She is getting so big.

Princess Table

Well after Konner's baptism last weekend we had a luncheon
and I had to laugh at the guys sitting at the
Disney Princess table stuffing there faces....

Ahhh, fine dining indeed!