Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Buzz and the Bunny

Well this year there was no doubt about it, Hunter knew exactly what he wanted to be for Halloween. Buzz Lightyear of course. We looked around at different stores for the right costume but all of them seemed to be cheaply built and of course were missing a key piece in being Buzz...the wings. Hunter insisted that Buzz had to have wings and so we searched on. Finally I went online and found a very affordable very cute Buzz costume. I told Hunter that it would be coming in the mail so we could wait and watch for it to come. Yeah that was not the best idea. Everyday during that usual hour that mail would arrive he would perch right by the window waiting and watching. When the postman left without dropping off a package he would come in shoulders down and inform me that it had not come again and add that he was sure that it was never going to get here. Finally the day came and watching from his usual spot Hunter saw the postman walking up the driveway. Before I even knew what was happening he raced out the front door down the walkway stripping off his clothes and yelling, "it's here, it's here!" Poor frightened postman handed over the said package to the half dressed three year old and mom thanked him. Thank goodness that once we opened it is was indeed the costume or we would have had to have a repeat performance on a later date. I believe he has worn the costume everyday at some point up to Halloween night. As we got ready to go he was in full Buzz mode giving us some great action moves that were providing much comedic relief. So much personality in one little body. This year it was so fun because I hadn't talked with Amber yet and didn't even know until we got ready to go to Trunk or Treat that Brecken just happened to want to be Woody this year. Once we got these two together it was nothing sort of hilarious I guarantee you. They are quite the pair, they look so cute. Avery of course oblivious to the excitement of the evening and much more content to sleep the night away in her stroller made an adorable fluffy pink bunny. The costume was nice and warm against the chilly Prescott weather and I love the little floppy ears. It was so soft and snuggly to hold her in it plus it is pink how can you go wrong :) The trunk or treat was awesome and Ave just snoozed away happily even throughout my constant opening of the blanket to show her off. Hunter made a haul on his candy which is great for Deke and I since he will probably only see a piece or to. Ah Halloween it is the best isn't it?

Friday, October 20, 2006

Love Halloween

I love Halloween. I know there are a lot of creepy things to not like about this holiday but there are also a lot of great things about it too. My favorite holiday is still Thanksgiving but Halloween is great as well. I love the food we make at Halloween and one of the kids favorite traditions are ghost pancakes. We love to make them. Avery is starting to roll over everywhere which I am not quite ready for yet but ready or not it is happening. Once they are mobile look out nothing is safe. Hunter and I are filling the days with preschool fun activities such as this cute little spider hat we made the other day: Carving the pumpkin is always a treat for me as I love to scoop out the seeds. Hunter was actually quite intrigued with the process this year which was fun. Deke of course is a master carver and so it always ends up turning out great. Fall is here and it is beautiful in Prescott valley. Bring on the cool weather the changing leaves and warm yummy food.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Four wheelin

For his birthday my dad gave Hunter this fun little four wheeler. I think that every kid at some point in their life hopes to have one of these cute little "mini" vehicles to play adult and roam around on the road with. I know I did, for me it was always dreaming of that pink sticker adorned Barbie Jeep with radio inside. Anyways as you can imagine he was thrilled as was I. PV is a great place to be able to roam the roads on one of these little things. There is hardly any traffic and behind our house there is this long strip of dirt road that we can go over and let him ride on. Sometimes some older neighborhood boys build different hills and ramps that then Hunter gets to attempt to ride over which is fun. It is great because I can just load Avery up in the stroller or wagon and follow behind me around the neighborhood. I love it up here. I love the open space between houses and the huge field next to our home where we can see the cows as they come right up to the fence. It is cute to watch Hunter drive his little hot rod and follow all the rules of the road. It cracks me up when he hits a STOP sign and just as any other driver stops and looks both ways before continuing on his way. This day out on our drive the clouds were moving in for a storm, another thing I love about PV. Much more rain and even snow in the winter...ahhh seasons. It is just one of the many things that he and I are both enjoying about right now.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Dad rocks

Deke is such a wonderful dad. Not just with the important mushy stuff but just everyday. He is so involved with the kids and is always helping them experience new things and teaching them. He helps them experience it in such a hands on way. One afternoon he called from work and asked me to bring the kids out to a site where he was using a tractor. We drove out there and to their delight there was a bright green John Deere with daddy on it. Deke let Hunter ride on it and use the shovel to pick up some dirt. He was absolutely mezmerized with it it was so cute. I love love love this picture of Hunter sitting inside the shovel. Look at those eyes aren't they beautiful? I am so thankful to have Deke as my eternal companion and partner in this adventure of parenthood. He is such an awesome dad and we love him so much.