Saturday, December 06, 2014

Dipping pretzels

Holiday baking is my favorite.  I love preparing treat plates for neighbors and friends.  All of our kids love helping in the kitchen and as they are getting older I am trying to find more recipes that they are able to help with.  This year we made some of our usual Christmas goodies but wanted to try something new.  We got some pretzel rods, dipping chocolate, different toppings and decided to try our hand at dipping pretzels.  
I showed them how to dip the rods in the chocolate and use a spoon to create a drizzle, then laid all the ingredients out on the table gave each kid a bundle of pretzels and told them to have at it!! 
The kids dipped over seventy pretzels completely by themselves!! Not only that but they looked awesome.  It was fun to see the different combinations they came up with and the creativity they used.
Hunter made these snowmen pretzels....
Later that afternoon Hunter made his first batch of homemade popcorn balls again all by himself. Now time for lots of tasting :) 

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