Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Loving this opportunity

Here I am seven months pregnant with you. Holding my big round belly. Feeling you kick and stretch. Your little feet constantly finding spots under my rib cage. Loving that I have to waddle, loving the way you tap your fingers from inside. Having fun sharing pregnancy stories with other moms around me. Reading all the baby books again and showing Hunter and Ave the pictures of you growing each week. Excited for every appointment, amazed at every ultrasound. Loving that my belly is to swollen to lay on and that some nights you move all night long. Cherishing resting on the couch reading as you roll around and play. Laying in bed at night with Dad's hand on my stomach, you moving at the sounds of his voice telling you how much he loves you. Enjoying the cravings, eating ice cream every night to make you move around. Thank you Ben and Jerry's. Wrapping my arms around and hugging my belly to feel closer to you. Talking to you throughout the day. Excited to meet you. Dreaming about what you will look like. Visualizing the day of your birth. Still amazed that this is actually happening. Loving being pregnant. In awe at the process of creation. Humbled to be part of it.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Another quick update

One of these days I will get this blog somewhat current again, we are getting closer :) :) December was filled of course with a lot of fun activities including having the beloved Grant family come down for a visit. We took the kids to breakfast with Santa which was fun. The ward had costumes for everyone to wear and we took some fun pictures, had a yummy breakfast and got to of course see Santa Claus. Last year Ave had been totally frieked out by Santa but this year she climbed right up on his lap smiled at him and said "I love you Santa!" It was really cute. We of course did our annual gingerbread house contest and amazingly yes Deke did not win this year which I believe is a first. Dylann and I were on a team together and we created a gingerbread barn complete with a small field, pig pen, a rising sun and a hen sitting on her nest in the top of the barn. We were pretty excited about it. This year even after a yummy Christmas dinner, singing some Christmas songs, reading a Christmas story around the tree, putting out cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer as well as sprinkling "reindeer food" up the driveway and out on the patio, Ave was out like a light and Hunter was up until midnight. He told us that he was definitely going to see Santa this year and every single noise or bump he heard he was out of his room trying to look around sure that he had heard Santa. When he finally was quiet we went in and found him asleep right by his window sill he had fallen asleep watching out the window Deke and I smiled as we settled him in it was so sweet. Hunter had created the North Pole out of Lego's as well as his rendition of Santa's sleigh and left it out for Santa to see. Christmas morning brought new bikes for each of the kids which they have thoroughly enjoyed riding. We have cracked up watching Ave get on her bike and speed down the street. Avery also got a princess tent, dress up clothes, a princess hair styling bag and a baby Ariel doll since that is her favorite princess. Hunter got the ever dreamed about creepy crawler bug maker, some new scooby movies, shark bite bay hotwheels set and some way fun walkie talkies that we have all enjoyed playing with around the house. Hunter had bought presents for each of us at his schools workshop which was really cute. It was a great Christmas and very busy very fun month.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

He sure loves you

Your daddy loves you so much. He loves me so much too. That is why we looked and looked and finally found a changing table from someone on craigs list for $80 that was just perfect. Drawers for your clothes, a cupboard for diapers and wipes. A ledge for a lamp to sit so I can click it on when I need to do a nighttime change. I love it. There is only one thing. It is a natural wood color. You and Avery's room is done with cream accents, definitely vintage sort of shabby chic. Of course Dad to the rescue with his handy dandy sander. Working out in garage for several nights, sanding, painting and finishing it for you. It will be perfect. He is so awesome, we are so lucky to have him. The things he does for his babies. He is the best daddy.