Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Facial hair, Family, Fish, Frost, and Feeling Sick...Christmas 2006

These are just a few of the words that describe Christmas at the Burch household this year. Let me explain in further detail... Facial hair- No, he doesn't actually have any thank goodness but Hunter was excited to receive a shaving kit with a play razor from Santa this year. It cracks us up when about every hour or so he lets us know he needs to shave again because he is getting "spikey's." Yes our three year old thinks he needs to shave and also insists on wearing deodorant everyday, well at least he understands proper hygiene. Family- Fifteen Burch grandchildren under the age of twelve all in one house for twenty four hours, lots of fun yet also very exhausting. We enjoyed getting to spend Christmastime with the Burch side this year which resulted in a lot of visiting, fun, and of course great food. Fish- Hunter's other favorite present this year is his new pet fish Charlie. Mom and Dad were very excited that Hunter chose a Beta fish since we have been told that they live a long time and are very what's the word..durable? So far he has survived being pet by Hunter and dropped within twenty four hours of arriving home and is doing great. I am sure there will be more updates on our new pet ownership later.Frost- Well we didn't have a white Christmas but it did snow the Friday before Christmas which was beautiful and we all really enjoyed it while it lasted. Feeling sick- Poor Deke spent Christmas Day so sick he could hardly get off the couch and then Hunter and I followed the next day both feeling yucky. It has been an eventful Christmas but a wonderful one. We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and are enjoying the rest of your holiday season.