Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mr. Magoo, Little man, and Chubson

 We have always had nicknames for each of the kids that we gave them as babies.  Hunter had several at first, chick magnet, hot wheels, Hunterbug and Bugalicious.  Hunterbug or Bug is the one that has stuck.  We used to call Avery Missy Moo for a long time and now we always call her Ave.  Emma has been Miss E, Baby E, little miss, daddy used to call her E machine and of course Em for short.  I can't even really remember how it started but from the get go I would always talk to Hudson and use the term little man, mister, or mister man.  He would always make these silly little grins at me and I would tell him he was a goober.  He would make these faces that made me laugh and I told Deke that I kept wanting to call him Mr. Magoo.  One day he made a funny expression and said, "What are you doing Mr. Magoo?" and he looked at me and smiled wide.  It just sort of stuck.  Within a day or two everyone was calling him Magoo.  Emma even adapted the nickname to her own version.  She calls him Magoobie.  "Hi Magoobie!!! Hi Mr. Goo! You are so cute, yes you are" she will tell him.  It just fits his happy, silly little personality.  We all call him Mr. Magoo or Magoo.  He is starting to get some other nicknames as well like little man, Mr. man and a recent favorite of mine from Grandpa McWhorter is Chubson.  He is such a HAPPY baby.  Always wide eyed, all the time I look in his eyes and see this flash of excitement to be able to start moving and checking out more about the world around him.  He is very inquisitive and curious already.  His smile melts me it is so sweet.  However the thing I will remember most about him since the day he was born was the big blue bright eyes.  We love you Mr. Magoo.

Zeke turns 1!!!

 It seriously seems like just yesterday that we got the news that baby Zeke had been born.  I remember seeing my first picture of him and his blond hair and instantly thinking what a handsome guy he was.  Finally a cousin on my side of the family close to one of my kid's ages.  It has been so fun to have Claudia and Josh close enough where we have been able to get together for play dates with the kids.  It has been so fun to get to watch Zeke grow.  Claudia threw him a "monster theme" birthday party and did such a great job.  It was really cute....
 Zeke's aunties had set up all sorts of fun carnival style games for people to play.  Avery's fave was definitely the photo booth area they had set up.  Claudia made these cute centerpieces with some of her favorite pictures of Zeke over the past year.
 My favorite part of course was watching him blow out his candle and the best part of turning 1 digging into his cupcake.  At first he was hesitant and then once he realized how good it was, started chowing down.  Isn't he cute????
 Claudia asked some of the cousins to draw pictures of different monsters as part of the decorations.  My kids were more than excited to help with this.  I had to show a pic of Ave's three headed monster she drew because I thought it was so awesome.  Avery loves to draw.
 Emma wanted to make sure that I included a picture of her monster too.
 Had to get a quick pic of Zeke and Hudson.  These two are eight months apart and I am so excited to watch them continue to grow and be good friends and have so much cousin fun.  Happy birthday Zeke this Burch family sure is in LOVE with you!!!!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Four months

Just a few things that Hudson is doing at four months, of course he is actually five months now so I need to play a little catch up :) :)  This kid is always so bright eyed and checking everything out.  He reminds me of Hunter at this age, very curious, always grabbing for things and studying them.  If he is down on his belly he is trying to dig his little toes into the carpet and scoot himself.  He is going to be busy I can tell once he can crawl.  He is smiley and loves loves loves mommy to tickle him.  He is really ticklish. We are all just totally smitten :) :)

Reading to him.

She is his "second mommy."  She is constantly fixing his socks, or putting his pacifier in or getting him a new toy.  She has a special high pitched voice she uses only when talking to him.  She is always telling me to look at something cute he is doing and always wants to know where he is.  She smooches on him all day long, squeezing his cheeks and patting him on the head.  He loves her too.  I love that most days before nap time she wants to read to him.  So some days I read to them both and other days I watch as she reads to him instead.  Then she begs for me to let him sleep by her in her big girl bed.  Sorry E, he's not quite sturdy enough for that yet...but you are a great big sister!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

All dressed up.

 A couple pics after church last Sunday of the four of them all dressed up cute :) :)


We had a nice Easter.  This year we tried something different with our eggs.  You take glue dots and put them on the egg and then roll it in different colors of glitter and it makes polka dot eggs.  So cute to do something different.  On Easter morning the kids got up and found their baskets waiting with some fun little things inside.  Hudson thought he was all big getting to sit with his siblings like a "big boy" to check out his basket.
I handed him a fun new truck from his basket to hold and he looked at it and then completely ignoring it reached down into his basket to play with the fake grass.  He loved it.  The grass I mean. He totally could've cared less about the toys or clothes he just wanted to play with the grass.  It was so cute, he didn't try to eat it he just kept playing with it with his hands and then looking at me and smiling.  He sat in the Bumbo for twenty minutes and played with the easter grass.
The next day a couple of the aunties came into town and the kids enjoyed hiding and finding eggs all over the yard with each other.  Happy Easter everyone!!