Saturday, March 27, 2010

Help us pick a name.....

Well yesterday I went to my last doctor's appointment to find out that this girl may have a different birthday plan in mind. I found out that I am dilated to a 2 and 50% effaced!! Now this kid is going to be c-section so we don't exactly want me progressing. My doctor sent me home and said he thinks he might see me again before the weekend is up. Yesterday I came home and had some more contractions, more contractions last night and today I feel like this kid is so low she is going to fall out. Needless to say we may be going over to the hospital this afternoon or evening to get checked out again. So who knows this little one may have her own time schedule on when she wants to come! We still have not decided on a name for this kid but we do have a small list of top choices. Please give me some feedback on which one is your fave or if you have another cute name suggestion for her. We would love some feedback, here are the names we like:


other maybe's include: Savannah, Bailee, Halle
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Monday, March 15, 2010

SURPRISE!!! Only 3 more weeks!!!!

Alright so I know that some of you already have known our exciting news and others may have been suspecting it but there are still others that this will come as a total surprise to which is so fun to finally share. WE ARE HAVING A LITTLE GIRL!!!! not just that but I am due in 3 WEEKS!!! At first I debated over not even posting anything until she was born but Deke was like you are silly and has been trying to get me to post something for months now. Yes this was the exciting news we received all those months ago. One day we were at Wildflower Bread Co. with my dad and my sisters and out of nowhere Avery says, "Grandpa my mommy has a baby in her belly." The whole table got quiet and everyone looked at Deke and I. "No I don't" I kept telling them but no one would believe me. That week at preschool Avery kept telling Lisa and all the parents at pickup "My mommy has a baby in her belly, my baby Emma." Everyone kept asking me and I continued to assure people that we were not expecting. Two weeks later Avery kept insisting and Deke mentioned that we should probably go get a pregnancy test to make sure. When it was time to check it I told Deke, "You check it because I know that I'm not." Two seconds later Deke burst out of the bathroom with the test, "Oh yeah he said and held it up to me" I almost fell out of my chair when I saw it:

I think I went into shock over my excitement! Well the next ten weeks were filled with something that is new to me in pregnancy-morning sickness :( :( I didn't know that simply drinking a couple sips of water could make you throw up. The couch was my best friend for the first trimester including 7:30 bedtimes since sleeping gave the only repreave from the nausea and all I could drink was gatorade and only in two flavors yellow or orange. Forget eating but every now and again I could get down some rice or baked potato plain. It was pretty rough considering with all the boys I threw up max maybe three times in nine months. Every appointment with this pregnancy I have had an ultrasound which has been so fun to watch her grow and has given me extra peace of mind since the twins. The day before Thanksgiving Deke, the kids and all my sisters were in the room with us as she made it known to all that she was definitely a GIRL!!!!! I can't believe we will now have two girls thoughts of matching EASTER DRESSES, FLOWER HEADBANDS, that they were going to be SISTERS. Deke and I hugged and cried. Avery just smiled at us and said, "Yep my baby Emma" she had insisted that she was getting a sister the whole time. Of course we would have been ecstatic no matter what but after having three boys I didn't know if we could make girls. I can't wait to see what a little Burch girl version is going to look like. I have had such a wonderful pregnancy. Everything has been calm and smooth with no complications or bedrest. The baby is measuring two weeks ahead of schedule and is in the 95% for her weight right now and from the ultrasounds we can tell that she is going to have chubby little cheeks just like Hunter. We had an wonderful baby shower for her on Feb. 20th and received so many girly cute things. As you can see from the new collage up top I have been busy making hairclips and bows, sewing blankets, rearranging the girls' room, picking up cute spring dresses and soaking up all the girly fun. The other day I bought the girls there first matching dresses and another set of cute matching everyday outfits. I can't wait to put them in them together I am so excited. Deke and I feel so blessed there are no words to describe the healing that has come to our entire family throughout this wonderful pregnancy and now as we count down the days to her arrival. Heavenly Father has been so merciful and we count our blessings everyday for this sweet little angel and the miracle that she is. Since I have to have c-section we chose to have her born on my mom's 50th birthday which is going to be so special for everyone. All I can say is that I know that Heavenly Father hears our pleadings and our prayers and knows the deepest desires of our hearts and that if we continue to walk faithfully through our trials and endure that he will bless us ten fold. We have walked through the sorrow and it is time for the joy. Bring on the joy let it fall down all over the place :) :) :) :)