Sunday, April 13, 2008

It goes fast

I can't believe that Deke and I recently celebrated our sixth anniversary already! It goes so fast and we have had so many wonderful and trying things happen to us in such a short time. We had a great anniversary and were able to have my cousin Kristal take some photos of us which was really fun. She did a great job, these haven't even been edited yet, you should see how cool they look when she edits them. It was so nice for us to reflect on our lives together so far and talk about the dreams and goals we have yet to come. We are grateful to have had six wonderful years together, four wonderful kids, and look forward to what things will be in store for us this year! We feel very blessed to have each other and be growing together. I know that life is going to continue to fly by us so fast with joys and growing experiences and I am glad that we are trying to slow it down, take it all in, and be in the moment.