Tuesday, December 09, 2014

holiday gift shop

One afternoon the kids all worked together to make a holiday gift shop in the girls room.  They made and found all sorts of "presents" assigned them prices and opened up shop for customers.  The girls were the cute, festive cashiers.  Hunter had been hired to be the security guard and I was told that Hudson was the "guy in charge of cleaning up after the shop was closed."  Bummer.  Sorry little man, that whole pecking order thing.  
The kids were so excited when I came to the store with actual money in hand to purchase things.  They hurried over to provide me with excellent customer service excitedly showing me all the available items.  I filled my basket and then headed to the register reminding them that anything they made from dad or I had to be split evenly.  As I was checking out they asked me if I wanted to be part of the coupon club and had me fill out my information.
They changed inventory and an hour later I was back to shopping again.  As soon as Deke came in the door from work they were hurrying him in to shop.  At the end of business day they all sat together and counted their earnings, figuring out how to divide it equally among themselves.  Its amazing how exciting some extra change can be :)

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