Friday, December 26, 2014

Gingerbread competition 2014

One of my favorite things about this specific tradition is to get to have different people team up and watch their creativity.  I LOVE that we all try to do things that are outside of the box. This year the girlies were on a team,
Aunt Kimbre was teamed up with Hunter and Tate....
Mom and dad were teamed up for the first time in quite a few years.
Every year we give everyone a ton of basic supplies and then each team is allotted four or five specialty items that are only for their team that are of their choosing.  We go to Fry's and break off into teams and carefully select which items we want to have just for our team.  Once back home we put everything out on the table, a gigantic spread of sugar in every form and get to work.  Emma and Avery quickly decided that they wanted to create a gummy bear wedding scene.  Ave made some tootsie roll columns for the bride and groom to stand under and then they spent the next ten minutes going back and forth choosing which two gummy bears would get the honor of being the betrothed :) :)
We got about halfway into our construction and then Hudson started fussing for me to hold him.  I had to take this picture because I am always working on my house with a little helper on my lap.  He soon was asleep in my arms and then Deke and I could really get to work.
Between holding Hudson and just enjoying working with Deke, talking together I really didn't get pictures of everyone working.  Soon everyone was wrapping up and showing off their masterpieces.  Kimbre and the boys created a great beachfront scene....
I loved their frosting waves, sailboats and dock jutting out into the water, palm trees and a taco shop. They did a great job!!
Once the girls decided on a bride and groom the rest came together.  Ave laid fruit roll-up down the aisle and doused it with sprinkles. They lined it with good and plenty candies and then picked and placed every single gummy guest.  I love that all the bridesmaids are red bears and the groomsmen are green bears.  Nice job my little ladies :) :)
Deke and I decided to build Gru's house from Despicable Me.  For the first time ever we used chocolate graham crackers instead of regular and it gave it the perfect look.  Deke added on an awesome peaked roof and small porch.  I made gum drop minions both the good ones and threw in a couple of crazy purple minions.
It turned out pretty cool.  I wish we had had time to use decorative black icing to draw some windows, shutters, and shingles to the roof.  If we had more time we could have had a blast with some of the little details.  
Seriously had so much fun as always. Loved getting to work with you babe, it was a blast!!

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