Wednesday, August 31, 2011


On our last day in Hawaii we decided to spend the day hanging out in Waikiki. It was definitely a fun city but I have to admit it had nothing on the North Shore. Whenever we go to Oahu again I would rather choose the North Shore for all the fun mom and pop eating places, the beautiful, quiet beaches and fun tourist things. Definitely more of a jungly, country feel and I loved staying in our fun condo right on the beach where it was secluded a quiet instead of in a high rise hotel. We drove into the city and checked out Waikiki. It was really neat to see all the sailboats and freight boats. The kids were really excited to get to see a fire boat with the water cannons along the side. We orginally were planning on just walking shops and checking out sights for the day since we didn't have to be to the airport until 8pm. However as soon as we got close enough to once again see the clear blue water the kids started begging for just "one more beach day." So we found a nice park along the Waikiki beach, literally dug our swimsuits out of the suitcases and decided to start with a picnic. After lunch we hit the water which was clear and perfect as it had been since we got there. It is so nice. Cool enough to be refreshing but warm enough that you actually want to stay in it. The kids swam and snorkeled, played in the sand and ran from the waves. All three of them love the ocean. You would think that being only sixteen months that Emma would be afraid of it. No way, she had absolutely no fear. She hadn't been to the ocean since she was four months old. She kept trying to wiggle and wrestle out of Deke and I's arms. Thinking that she was big enough to play in it on her own like Hunter and Avery. I would put her up on the beach and right away she would take off running down the sand, hands outstretched heading straight for the waves. She would run right into them laughing so hard even after they would hit her and drench her completely. Then she would reach down and splash in the water and wait for the next one to splash her and laugh again hysterically. Deke and I thank goodness were able to catch her except for one time that she was quicker that Dad and she went down face first and got her first taste of salt water. Two seconds later however she was pushing out of his arms trying to get down and play in the ocean. She LOVED it.
We spent the entire day playing at the beach in the water. It was such a blast.
A picture of a really cool looking fish we saw on the pier. It was bright yellow with a neat black stripe, the picture doesn't really do it justice though.I think we all probably could have stayed there into the night if it wasn't for our growling bellies. We went and rinsed off at the small outside showers on the edge of the beach which at least got the first layer off. Lets face it though everyone definitely still had sand in various cracks and crevices. I am sure we looked lovely on the plane that night still smelling of sea water. We got somewhat tidied up and headed for the five story mall we had seen in our venturing around that morning. We decided to go have dinner at Bubba Gump's since we all love shrimp, especially me. Shrimp cooked and seasoned all different ways. The food was delicious, the view of the sailboats was relaxing and the weather was perfect. The kids loved that their meals came in paper shrimp boats. We ate and went around the table sharing our favorite memories and parts of the trip. None of us were ready to leave. We headed to take the rental car back and get to the airport. At the airport I finally remembered to take a picture of the restroom sign. I thought it was so funny that all the women's restroom signs in Oahu looked like this:Wearing a lei and a flower in her hair. Cute huh? We boarded the plane around 9pm headed for San Francisco. As soon as we got on the plane everyone snuggled with blankets and already starting to fall asleep, Hunter said "Bye Hawaii." Soon we were all saying "Bye Hawaii" as the plane took off. Deke and I sat there taking it all in. We couldn't believe we had just been able to go to Hawaii with our entire family, watch Brenn and Kaulin get married and take in all the sights and do all the things we got to do. It was the most wonderful, relaxing, fun trip. I know that the kids are too little to probably remember much about this trip to Hawaii later in life but for Deke and I this will be a special memory for sure. Since we have been home I have found myself thinking about moments playing on the beach with the kids, laying in the hammock underneath a starry sky like I have never seen before snuggled with Deke, rocking Emma to sleep with the sounds of the waves and missing the cool breeze and bright colors. It is fun to close my eyes and go back there. However now it is home to baptism and Kindergarten, teething and birthday parties. Always so much to look forward too.

Waimea falls-day eight

Usually when you go on vacation it goes way too fast. This trip definitely went fast but it actually felt perfect with all the different things we were able to fit in. Having another week would have been ideal. Tuesday morning we headed over to meet Dad and Lisa at Waimea falls. Once again I was amazed at the vegetation all around it is so beautiful. I love the island feel, life just slows down here. I love all the shrimp farms and the fresh fruit stands. I LOVE the sounds of the ocean to fall asleep to at night and wake up to in the morning. I love Hawaii, it is beautiful here. Here we are standing next to just one of many ginormous trees. You enter the Waimea Valley where there are different cultural activities and things to see along the trail. The hike is a mile and a half up to the falls and it is very lush and beautiful. I think that all of us had fun standing underneath and next to such large trees. The kids were pretty enamoured by it all. Before we reached the falls we stopped to learn about Hawaiian music and instruments. We each had a turn learning to play the different instruments. Hunter started out learning to make music with a conch shell. Ridiculously enough not quite as easy as it may look.Deke on the coconuts...Mom trying to learn, I love this shot of the sweet lady who helped us demonstrating how I should move my lips. We then attempted to play all together. Pretty fun.Then it was time for a lesson in how to hula. Once we learned how to "move our hips" then we were taught actual dance steps and with the help of our trusty instructor learned a whole routine and then performed it for passing bystanders heading for the falls. I am sure it was entertaining. It was really fuThen we had the opportunity to watch our "teacher" perform a hula dance for us which was very neat to watch. I loved to listen to the other woman who played the ukelele and sang as she danced. We headed on our way up to the falls. I was so excited to not only get to see the waterfall but we actually got to swim by a waterfall. The kids had to wear life vests because you could only walk a little ways and then it dropped off really deep. Deke and Kendon literally went underneath it which was really cool. Deke said the pressure was pretty crazy. It was so relaxing and beautiful. Did I mention how romantic Hawaii is?? :)