Monday, March 25, 2013


Can't believe its that time again...pinewood derby time!!  As the guys started planning out their car I couldn't help but think about how fun it was last year to watch Hunter take first place in his first ever pinewood derby with Ghost Rider.  Hunter decided on a shape for his car and knew he wanted it to be a chrome metallic paint job.  He and Deke got to work and when it was done it looked great.  Hunter decided to name it Quiksilver.  The only bummer was that every time you touched the paint it left fingerprints on the paint job so we put some blue tape lines on it so that he could pick it up and carry it. 
We got there and the boys were all showing each other their cars, asking what their names were and talking about the trophies sitting on the table.
My favorite part of the derby is always watching the boys cheer each other on.  I love when they all start chanting someones name or chanting the cars name as it is getting ready to race.
Then the way they pat each other on the back, slap high fives and tell each other how awesome they are.  It is so cute.  I just love to watch them encourage and support each other and cheer each other on.  A car named Big Red that was shaped like a surfboard pretty much dominated every race only losing one the entire night.  Quiksilver won race after race but when he raced Big Red twice he came in right barely behind him.
This little guy was enthralled with the whole thing except when the boys would get cheering or yelling too loudly then he would start crying.  Last year at the derby I had just found out I was pregnant with him days before and was already feeling so sick the entire morning of the race.  I kept looking at him thinking how happy I am that we are going to get to do all this scout stuff again with Hudson down the road.
When all the racing was done we headed into the room to get awards.  Hunter took 2nd place for the bears and got a ribbon and then took 2nd place overall.  The top three got a trophy and so even though this year he took second instead of first he still got to take a trophy home.  He was so excited!!!
We took him to have some frozen yogurt and celebrate.  I was really proud of the sportsmanship he showed and that even though he really wanted to take first place again this year that he was still a champ :) and that Quiksilver was still really fast.  Another awesome derby!

Contractual agreement

The other day the kids were playing out in the playhouse together busily working on something.  They came inside telling us that they were going to start a doughnut business.  Hunter had designated himself the manager and they had been out there having their first "staff meeting."  They had decided that they would ask to use my new doughnut maker and Hunter wanted to know if I would be their supplier (of assorted doughnuts).  They would set up shop near the entrance to the community by the community mailboxes.  They had made a list of the supplies they would need to buy such as poster board for signs, stuff to make the donuts.  They had decided to charge $.25 a doughnut and had a list of flavors they were going to offer.  They were all really excited about it and asking if we could get started on it today.  Then Avery handed me this paper and said that Hunter had had them sign their names on it saying they agree.  He had drawn up a contract?? of course he had drawn up a contract :) :)  As I read Hunter explained: "Pay days for Avery are Wednesday and Saturday.  She gets $4.00 every pay day."  Avery was jumping up and down grinning, "Four dollars mom, for just me."  Hunter continued on telling me about their hours of operation.  Deke and I couldn't stop smiling listening to them.  We explained to Hunter that giving Ave four dollars on pay day was a great idea but what if they made $20 that day? Then Ave would only get four and he would get $16 and was that really fair if they were working together?  Also miss E had signed up to this contract when she was getting paid 0, zippo for any work that she did.  We told them they should be partners in this venture and that they would split the earnings equally.  We decided that since Emma is two she would get $2 off of the top as her pay.  Then we talked about adjusting their operating hours since they had hours written down that coincided with school.  We decided it should be on weekends or early release days.  I told them I would help them make the posters and get it all set up but not until after Easter sometime.  It was actually a neat opportunity for Deke and I to talk to them about running a business.  I love when they find something fun for all three of them to do.  Can't wait to watch them try this.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Eye hand coordination.

It always cracks me up when my babies are in the process of learning to grab and hold onto things. He is starting to grab on to toys. It is hilarious to watch him then try to get them into his mouth to chew on them.  The other day I handed him this teething ring.  He was holding it out in front of his face and focusing on it intently.  A minute later I heard him kicking and fussing a little bit.  I turned around and saw this....
Not only was it not in his mouth it was not even in his hands anymore and was on his face.  He was kicking in frustration trying to figure out how to get it off.  Poor guy.  He looked at with wide eyes to help him out.  I took it off and handed it to him again only to have the same thing happen five minutes later.  Sometimes he has the opposite problem and will have his hand clenched around a toy and wants to let go of it and can't figure out how.  Or he will be staring at his hand and then all of a sudden bring it swinging towards himself and smacks himself right in the face.  Sorry guy, keep on trying, you'll get it.

Meeting Glow worm

 We got the glow worm back when Hunter was born.  Its been around for a long time now but none of the other kids have been that interested in it. We introduced Hudson the other night and he really liked it.  The kids were giggling so hard because every time it would turn off then I would push its belly, it would light up and Hudson's eyes would go huge.  So funny.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Renaissance Festival

Having lived in Arizona pretty much my whole life I can't believe that I have never been to the Renaissance Festival.  I have had tons of people tell me how fun it is and have thought about going and then just got busy thinking about other things.  In February I saw a commercial for it and told Deke I wanted to take the kids.  So we went this past weekend.  It was a lot bigger than I had anticipated it to be and had so much more going on than I thought it would.  We pretty much opened and closed the place and still didn't do or see all that was available.  It was nice because they had rides for all the kids different ages.
 Of course the part I loved so much was the way the building looked.  I love that feeling like your stepping back in time. A lot of people dressed in costume which was fun to see even though there were some homemade costumes that were sort of frightening.  My kids loved that everyone there called them young knight or sir and my lady or princess.  I told the kids that next year we go they can dress up if they want.
 Hunter's favorite ride of the day was a simulation of a joust.  He was pretty serious about the whole thing : ):)
 Emma was beyond ecstatic when she got to ride a llama.  One of her favorite books right now is Llama llama red pajama or any of the Llama llama books.  She grinned the entire time and kept saying "hi llama, hiiiiii little llama" in her Hudson voice.
 Deke of course had to have a turkey leg which he thoroughly enjoyed and between all of us it seemed like we kept stopping to try some new snack and every stand.  They were all yummy!
 It's fun because all day long they have constant shows happening all the time.  We stopped in to watch a "fire eater" which kept the kids glued.
 The favorite part of the day for us all I think though was the jousting.  We got good seats in the arena and when they announced the king my kids got so excited.  Though the girls wanted to know where the queen was.  They introduced the four different knights which made me think of seeing a Knight's Tale when I was a teenager.  Oh Heath Ledger...sniff sniff.  Then they did all sorts of different competitions.  Our knight was Sir Maximilian something of somewhere.  All I know is the guy was great getting the crowd involved and within five minutes my kids were standing on their benches yelling, "Maaaaax, maaaax, maaaax!"  It was so fun to watch.  I couldn't believe how much Emma was getting into it and enjoying it.  
 They were so excited when Max ended up winning! After it was over we went over by the stables and they had a chance to meet Sir Max in person.  Emma was a little smitten.  I think she had a crush.
 I would have gone to the festival just to see the jousting it was so fun.  Then we stopped by to watch a juggler and he pulled Hunter from the crowd to help him out.  It was awesome because Hunter is so witty that he really brought some humor to the show when the guy involved him in his jokes.
 This is probably one of my favorite pics of the day of this cute kid.  She couldn't wait to try her hand at archery and by the end of it was starting to get a pretty good hang of it.  Isn't she so stinkin cute?
 We may have tried on every princess hat, crown, tiara, wreath, hair accessory in the place.  The girls kept looking for "real princesses" all day together.
 Stopped by the royal farm and pet some cute baby lambs.  Look at this little guy....
 As we were leaving the animals we heard someone yelling, "all hail the king and queen" and turned to see the king and queen and their royal procession.  Ave and Em were so excited to finally get to see the queen and then quickly wanted to know now where were the princesses?
 The girls weren't the only one amused by trying on the different hats....
 The park closed at 6pm and we were there until it closed down. Hunter picked a cute dragon for his souvenir that wraps around his arm, Emma surprised us all and chose a pink sword and then a wooden sword that she can paint.  (Still think it has something to do with Max :) :) )  she has been having a blast sword fighting with everyone and wants us to announce her coming into the room like they did for the knights at the jousting.  It makes me smile.  Avery chose a hat which I was grateful for since we had stopped to try on so many we might as well be taking one home.  Instead of letting the sheer fabric flow in the back though she wanted to wear it in the front like a veil.  However you want we told her and so she did.  I love that she asked if I would take a picture of her on this "princess bridge" since it was pink and purple with flowers on it and looked good with her hat.  Sure sweet girl.
 Seriously so much to see, so fun for all of us and something that we will definitely go and do again next year!!