Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Avery week

Okay well I guess this is the week of Avery posts everybody. She has just been doing so many new things lately. These are just some pictures I took of her in her room today. She is starting to look older to me. This top from Old Navy looks so cute on her. ..

Monday, June 25, 2007

First swimsuit

Well for FHE yesterday we decided it was time to have Avery get her first taste of "swimming." Her deer in the headlights look cracks me up. She is so stinkin cute in this little suit. We filled up our play pool in the backyard that is actually big enough to fit all of us and let the kids play. We sat her down in it and she loved it and was splashing around and was even okay when Hunter accidentally drenched her. Look at her little grin, adorable. I think the only time she cried was when we told her we were all done swimming and took her out. That's when we got this face: By the way, it is so hard to ever get a picture of the two of them both looking at the camera at the same time. Oh well so is life. That's okay these pictures of them are still cute and still capture this moment of them and their neat relationship that they have.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


How quickly you forget how busy they get when they master crawling. This is the only time you will every see her holding still is when she is contained in her port a crib. Avery is officially constantly into everything. I never remember Hunter getting himself stuck in small places like she does. Just a few of those places include: under the coffee table, inside her closet, under the crib and behind the rocking chair. No matter how much we try to show her or convince her she still refuses to use her knees and zooms around the house "army style." Bring on the sweeping and vacuuming, wandering the hallways during sacrament, constantly looking for "chokeables," and watching where you step since she is constantly under your feet.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

More wonderful than I ever could have imagined...

Well this Father's Day I have been thinking a lot about Deke and the relationship that he has with each of our children. I have been very overwhelmed today with gratitude and love for him. I always knew that Deke would be a wonderful Father but I had no idea what a wonderful teacher he would be, how tender he would be, and how much time he would spend with each of his children. I admire him so much and am so grateful to have been given him as my eternal companion. Having and bringing children into our family has not been an easy thing and we have had to endure a lot of hard things and Deke has stood with me hand in hand and we have faced them together. I can't wait to continue this journey with him of bringing all of the little members of this family here to join us. I know that we are going to end up with a good little houseful. Thank you sweetheart for being you...HAPPY FATHER'S DAY I love you!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Swing your partner round and round

This Friday night we had a Barn dance and dinner out at the Mortimer's Ranch with our ward. At 6:00 we learned the steps to a square dance and at 6:30 we had a chili cook off followed by a pie bake off. Look at these adorable table centerpiece's made out of horseshoes.We hired a live band to play country music all evening and it was so much fun to see everyone get out there and dance. We also took tours of the ranch via hay ride which was a lot of fun. Here is a picture of Deke and Hunter trying out some of the chili. Which was awesome by the way. I think it was the best attended activity we have had since we came to the Dewey ward two years ago. Leave it to the Relief Society to get a great party going!!!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Utah Trip (Part 1 Kimbre's house)

Well we headed out last Sunday morning at five o' clock with Nalene driving behind us. The kids were awesome and we were able to make the trip in one day and arrived in Provo later that evening. We met up with Kimbre and met her roomates or as Hunter kept calling them her "mermates." Hunter was very excited to get to eat a PB&J at Aunt Kimbre's house. She went back to the hotel with us, we visited and she stayed with us. On Monday morning we went to see the Provo temple and went by the MTC. Kimbre then took us to one of her favorite places to eat "Costa Vita" and we had the most amazing sweet pork salad I think I have ever had. We then went to the mall where she worked and did a little shopping at the bookstore. We finished off the day taking a scenic drive through Provo to some of the mansions up on the mountain and devouring some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. It went way too fast but we were excited to know that we would be back to see her again in just a few days.

(Part 2 Chad and Shannon's)

The next stop on our trip was to visit the Miller family. On Monday night we headed up to Chad and Shannon's apartment. On Tuesday we visited, the boys played, and we helped get stuff ready for the move. On Wednesday we moved everything over to the new house and started cleaning out the apartment. Thursday we spent helping get things arranged at the new house. We enjoyed the boys so much they are such sweet boys and good little workers. Hunter and Keagan played so hard and were the best little buddies they cracked us up all week long. Avery tried to keep up with Kael who has already mastered crawling. We stayed with them until Friday morning and didn't go to bed before two o' clock any of the nights. Even though we were all exhausted by the time we left on Friday it was so nice to go and visit and help out with the move. Their house is really nice and we are so happy for them.

(Part 3 Seeing some sights)

On Friday we decided to take the day and go to Salt Lake City. We went and took our first tour of the new conference center which is so beautiful. We were excited that as we went along the guide kept asking Hunter questions about different prophets and he knew the answers. We then went and walked around temple square and made yet another trip to the bookstore. Later that evening we met up with Kimbre again and ate at another one of her favorite places "Guru's" and she stayed with us at the hotel. Saturday morning we headed home and only made a few short stops including one in Beaver for a couple of bags of yummy cheese curds. What a busy but fun trip to Utah, I'll have to admit when we hit the Arizona border I already missed all the trees. Kimbre, Shannon, Chad & boys we love you and miss you already.