Wednesday, June 18, 2008

First baseball game hot dog

Yes we are alive! Between new jobs and a move and getting adjusted to new schedules we are finally somewhat settled. I will try to give a few posts in the next few days to catch up on what we have been up to. A few weeks ago we took Hunter and Avery to a Diamondback game. We found bleacher seats that were actually pretty close to the field for an inexpensive rate and decided to go. Hunter was absolutely enthralled and I cracked up getting pictures of him eating his first hot dog at a game he chowed down. He was so excited that three fly balls came into our section and loved it when everyone stood up and tried to catch them. He was convinced that one almost came right to him. Avery was amazingly good through almost all of the game and sat and snacked. When they opened the roof of the stadium she kept looking up and saying "oh wow" over and over again and pointing, it was funny. It was a really fun thing to go do as a family and I can't wait to go again.


The day we moved in Deke and Hunter found this little kitten in the backyard. The poor little thing still had its umbilical cord and had been abandoned. Before I knew it we had a box with blankets, an eye dropper and milk and it had been named. Hunter came in and asked us if it was a baby Jaguar and then proceeded to tell us that that was its name. Deke and I don't like cats at all so it is a good thing that this one was tiny and helpless. It is the only time I like cats is as babies and will never own one. It wouldn't eat for me so Deke because the official feeder and feed it every couple of hours when it would start crying. He would wrap Jaguar in a blanket just like a baby and sure enough he would lap it up. I couldn't find any shelter that would take him and not put him to sleep. Deke and I couldn't handle the thought of something so new to the world leaving it so soon so we ended up caring for it for a few days. We finally found a shelter that said they would nourish it until they found an adoptive home for him. Hunter was so cute with him, he would talk to him and pet him and was so concerned about him. When it came time to take Jaguar to the shelter there was not a single dry eye in our car and it was a very sweet experience for us to watch our children love and nuture this little animal. When we are ready I think we are going to be great pet owners... of a dog that is :)