Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Butterfly Wonderland

Avery's class took a field trip to Butterfly Wonderland and I got to go along as a chaperone.  She has been wanting to go there since it opened last year and was so excited that one of her best friends Ally was in our group for the trip.  They sat in front of me on the bus ride and talked and giggled, they were so cute.  When we got there we first went in and watched a 3D movie about the life cycle of a butterfly.  The kids put on their 3D glasses and within five seconds of the movie starting were on their feet reaching for the butterflies that appeared to be flying into the audience off of the screen.  I was laughing so hard watching them try to grab the different objects and catching the air.  
After the movie they took us into a room where they have different species of butterflies all in different stages of development.  Some are still inside their chrysalis, some are out but are still waiting for their wings to dry.  The coolest part is that some of them are in the process of working their way out of their chrysalis right as you are watching.  It is incredible to watch them pushing their way out.  Other chrysalis' were slowly wiggling side to side as the butterfly tried to emerge.
I could've sat there are just watched them it was so neat.  
Then they led us into the large observatory area giving us lots of instructions of how to walk through.  They told us that it was very common for the butterflies to land on you and that you should let them come and go on their own without touching them.  They also told us to walk slowly and look down occasionally because often the butterflies will be on the ground sunning themselves on the path.
Almost instantly as we walked in the butterflies starting flying by and landing on us.  One of the little girls in our group started crying, saying she was scared and did not want them to touch her.  I tried to get her to settle down but she kept getting worked up and the teacher had to take her out.  Poor girl.   The only boy in our group was the exact opposite and was so excited he kept wandering ten feet ahead of me and scaring me that I was going to lose him.  He also almost stepped on at least three different butterflies sunning on the ground.
I was so impressed with the maturity that Avery showed the entire time we were there.  She followed all the rules and Ave and Ally just walked slowly taking it all in.  Stopping every few seconds to show me a new type of butterfly they had found or to watch them eating fruit.  Ave was so excited, I think she grinned the entire time and she really really wanted a butterfly to land on her.
There were so many beautiful butterflies everywhere.  None ended up landing on Ave but they sure liked to land on me, especially in my hair....
Our little group, Ave's friend Ally is on the far left.
We were there all afternoon and as we headed for the buses Ave squeezed me and said "Mom I love Butterfly Wonderland and I love you being my chaperone!!" It was probably the tenth time she had told me that day and it made me so happy.  I talked with her, Ally and Lilliana the whole way back.  We went to Freestone park and had lunch and played on the playground.  I loved getting to eat out on the grass just her and I. Loved watching the way she interacts with her friends and her teacher.  Loved it Ave, loved this day with you :) :)


Love the grins on the faces of my boys.  Tumbleweed park has a zipline swing that the kids love.  We took them there the other day and Hudson belly laughed the entire time.  Its the kids favorite park.  I hate that the heat is coming on and we will soon to be limited to park play at nighttime.  We are taking advantage of any "nice" days that we get to be outside.  

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tiny tumblers

I enrolled Emma in a tiny tumblers class through the city of mesa.  Every Wednesday afternoon Ms. Jana would have them work on somersaults, cartwheels, backbends and all sorts of other fun activities.
The parents were not allowed to sit inside and watch so we would all take turns peeking in the window at the kids practicing.  Emma had so much fun and made some good new friends.  Her and Chloe took the opportunity to sit and chat anytime they had downtime:)  I was really excited to see how much she learned.
Even though she really enjoyed it, all it took was seeing the girls in the class after ours show up with their cute tutus and she reminded me that tumbling was fun but that she wanted to wear tutus and do ballet class again.  So in the fall back to dance class again :)

First performance

I can't believe how much Emma is starting to come out of her shell.  She is still our most shy kid but this past year I have seen her confidence grow so much.  At the end of their season they performed their tumbling routine at a festival for the city of Mesa.  It was Emma's first time performing on stage and I was worried that she would freeze up and not want to do it.  Her and I practiced and practiced the week of the performance and as we got lined up to start the show she was so excited.
I went and sat down with Deke and the kids and watched as she headed onto the stage with her class, smiling and waving at us she performed her routine perfectly.  She did awesome! Deke and I are so proud of her and how she has grown.
Doing her backbend into a walkover...
It was so cute.  You did awesome Miss E!!!