Thursday, October 14, 2010

SMHS-10 Years

This past weekend was my ten year high school reunion. We were the first graduating class at Sunrise Mountain H.S. and we had a class of around 262 kids pretty small compared to now. Most of us had attended Apache Elementary and had known each other from third grade all the way through high school which is pretty unique since Peoria isn't exactly a small town. Everyone pretty much knew everyone and even their families. I loved high school. Granted life after high school is always so much better but I had a lot of fun in high school. Soccer, volleyball, cheer, dances, drama and an awesome group of friends. Here is a picture of Brittany, Teeny, Annie, Megan and I. Teeny is due any day now. Again someone else who looks amazing when they are pregnant. I was lucky enough to have two of my close friends on either side of my house where all we had to do was jump over the fence and we could be at each others house at any time. Both Dacia and Christin were there. Dacia looked beautiful and she is six months pregnant. Doesn't she look amazing? By the way Christin if you are reading this how the heck did we not get a single picture together? They was a lot going on with my family when I was in high school and my friends were always there for me. They were a great group of ladies that I think about all the time. It was so wonderful to get to see some of them. Seeing who had married who and who was having babies. Everyone looked so great and we had so much fun talking and catching up. My friend Annie was there with her husband Ollie. I was so happy to see her and get to meet him. He is perfect for her and they are great together. I can't believe that it has already been ten years life goes so fast. Since Deke and I dated all through high school everyone remembered Deke which was really fun. I actually think that most people weren't that surprised that we had had five kids in eight years since we had always wanted a big family. There were several people that I had really wanted to see that weren't able to come. A couple in particular that I have thought about a lot over the years and really missed. They were very special to me. It was good to hear through others how they are doing. It was a lot of fun I was so glad that we went. Amazingly these are the only pictures I got. I wish I would have gotten pictures with so many other people. Too busy chatting I guess.

Grandpa's office

We hadn't decorated Grandpa's office since Avery was two and it was time. Grandma and Alec came with us and we headed over to decorate. Last time we put ghosts and pumpkins all over the front windows of the office. This time since we had a key we decided to decorate a little inside. The kids had so much fun. They drew pictures of ghosts and pumpkins for Grandpa. Ave drew a mermaid ghost which was interestingly enough very identifiable. Hunter and Alec loved adding cobwebs to the place. Avery was mostly interested in the front desk area. I love the picture of her in the glasses she looks cute but I hope she never has to wear them. I was excited about the carmels and candy corn taffy jars that we got for him. The kids all worked together and pretty much did the decorating mostly on their own. We don't get to surprise him very often so it will be fun to hear what he thought about his new Halloween decor. I love fall. I love the ghost pancakes, babies in some fluffy animal costume or another, cool evenings at the park and tons of overly sugary desserts. Halloween is on its way.


The difference between Hunter's kindergarten and first grade years has been pretty drastic. It amazes me the difference that a teacher can make and his teacher is awesome. Mrs. Painter is a great teacher and he is absolutely loving school. At the "meet the teacher" night when school first started Hunter had of course asked her about Science in the classroom. One of the big activities that they do during the year is soil studies and experimenting with Milipedes. From that day forward the countdown was on to when he would get to hold a Milipede. Mrs. Painter told us when they would start the project. A couple of weeks before they started Hunter and I went to the library and got some books about Milipedes so that he could start learning about them and researching them. For the next two weeks he became a walking set of factual knowledge about them. Things like "Mom, did you know that milipedes have four legs per segment" or "Milipedes are myriapods" are examples of our breakfast conversations. Mrs. Painter said he could bring the books to school to share with the class. When the big day arrived Dr. Coleman their principal was stopping in to all the first grade rooms to check out the excitement. When she came into Hunter's room Mrs. Painter let him stand up in front of the class and read some of his favorite parts of his Milipedeology book. He then proceeded to share his favorite facts about the little guys with his principal as well. "I think we have found first grade's future scientist" she told him which of course left him beaming. Mrs. Painter told me the next day that Dr. Coleman commented on how impressed she was with his reading abilities. Then I was beaming :) On the big day they spent the morning outside gathering leaves and grass and other things appropriate for their habitats. Then each table group was given a little container and a milipede. Hunter told me that they quickly named their milipede "Cookie" and gave him the nickname "One smart cookie" which he added that he made up. They did all sorts of experiments with them and got to wear special gloves to be able to take turns holding them. After school he practically flew off the bus to tell us about it all. During the whole week everyday we heard about the drama and excitement of these visitors. One day one accidentally got flipped over on its back and couldn't get back over. Another one fell of the desk and ended up dying. Hunter was convinced that their milipede thought that he was its daddy because when they let it crawl it always tried to come to him. On the last day Mrs. Painter let the girls and I stop in and take a quick peek and get some pictures of him and Cookie. It was such a fun thing for the kids to do. Currently the big thing is growing a pumpkin they planted that has now come home to continue growing. Please don't die little pumpkin. Then on to their unit about ancient Egypt which should prove I am sure to be very interesting for all of us. Can I go back to first grade?

Saturday, October 02, 2010

I won't have to wish I had because I am.....

I won't have to wish I had because I am....

rocking you to sleep every night.

playing down on the floor with you everyday with toys or rolling or tossing you in the air or tickling you.

spending a half hour or more splashing and playing in the tub at night making you a baby mohawk or watching you chew on the washcloth.

I dress you in dresses or cute flared jeans. Experiment with different bows and flowers, put you in dress shoes and little pink flip flops and of course paint your tiny toe nails.

I won't have to wish that I had been so worried about getting chores done that I didn't take in the moment because there are days where laundry or dishes wait awhile in place of playing or holding you.

I won't have to wish that I had read to you more because we lay on my bed or sit in the rocking chair and read the books you seem to like.

Putting the most yummy smelling lotion on you and putting you in the most snuggly blanket and then smelling you and squeezing you tight.

Watching you sleep long after I have laid you down.

Holding you all the time and constantly mugging on you kissing those little fat cheeks.

Still crying in gratitude over you on a daily basis.

I am trying my best to stop the busyiness of everday and just "be" with you and enjoy every quirk and cute thing you do. I am trying to spend quiet moments with you and hold you and kiss you and rock you. I am enjoying you so much because I know how fast it is going and how fast it will continue to go. I love watching you grow.

Happy 6 Months to you....

I can't believe it. Emma is six months already! Where has the time gone? Why is it that the pregnancy part goes so slow and then they are here and their life starts racing by? Well we decided to celebrate Emma's six month birthday with a little trip to "Sprinkles" a cupcake place over in Scottsdale. Supposedly they have "gourmet" cupcakes there and so we decided it was the perfect treat to celebrate. We each picked one, the flavors including: a black and white, a vanilla, a chocolate coconut, and a chocolate marshmellow. We brought them home and split each one into four and and then divied them up so that we each got a piece of all four. Since Em couldn't actually eat one we decided that she could at least have a little bit of the frosting. So we let her try first. Deke put a little frosting on a fork and let her taste it. She loved it! It was cute to watch her eyes get big and her legs start kicking as she ate it. For about five minutes after she ate it she kept sticking her tongue out and moving it around like she could still taste it or maybe she was trying to see if she had left any around her mouth. Then the rest of us dug in. Here comes the sad part. They were not good at all. I would take a box mix of Duncan Hines any day. It is really just a bunch of hype. Even Avery who seriously eats anything and loves everything wouldn't finish hers. That says something. Some cute things about miss E at six months:

*she is a super snuggly baby and loves to cuddle

* she loves blankies and likes to have them up by her face when she eats or sleeps

* She is by far our best sleeper sleeping from about 7:30/8:00 until 7:00 the next morning

* she is afraid of loud noises especially dog barking it always makes her cry

* Hunter can make her laugh at the drop of a hat

* She is so sweet and adorable and we are all so addicted to her

Go Dad.

Well it is official Deke is now an employee of Knight Transportation!!!! He has been there for a few weeks now and is loving it. He was hired on as a driver manager which is a very busy but exciting position. He will manage between 20-40 drivers and their routes. He has great hours and was offered a wonderful package with them. This is the largest company other than UPS that he has worked for and their are so many opportunities for future growth within the company. When he recieved the email from Brother Knight I don't think that he got through the first two sentences before I was bawling. What a wonderful blessing for our family and what a great career move for Deke. After his first day of work we made a yummy dinner and decorated the kitchen. Hunter of course had to put one of his Lego semi trucks on the table to add to the decor :) Sometimes it is hard to understand when Heavenly Father gives us a little push that we are not ready for. Sometimes I think he knows that we would just stay where we were and not move on to bigger things for our growth and opportunity. Sometimes he steps in and the changes happen before we feel like we are ready. Then comes the understanding and the blessings after you walk forward. The job has so many wonderful blessings and opportunities all around that he has provided to us. Thank you Heavenly Father. So proud of Deke. He is such a hard worker and such a wonderful provider to his family. We are always well taken care of and loved by him. He is an amazing husband and father. Way to go DAD!!!!!

This is what I see.

The other day as we are all walking home from the bus stop we hit the driveway and I look down. This is what I saw: yes I am a dork I went and got out my camera because the look of our shadows together was sweet to me. A mom, a son and two daughters walking together. The shadow of Ave's ponytails and the little figure of Miss E in my arms. Hunter's shadow already trying to reach over half of mine. Something so simple but something so sweet to me.