Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Look Daddy Ponies"

Well even though her hair is thick, Avery's hair is taking its dear sweet time growing long. I was so excited this weekend to be able to finally get it into some pony tails. She looks really sweet in them so of course I had to get some shots of them. The only thing I don't like is that it really makes her look like a two year old now. I can't wait to go and get some little ribbons to put in them it will look so cute. She knows she looks cute to and kept going up to Deke and saying, "look daddy ponies," it was cracking us up. Thank goodness for the change in the weather the kids are finally able to play outside for more than ten minutes which they are loving. They love to chase each other around the front yard. Well Hunter loves to chase Avery that is.We also finally found a new house which we will be moving into on the 14th which we are excited for. I am so behind on my blogging it is not even funny, one of these days I will hopefully get caught up on it, we will see :) New computer one of these days then I will be back to getting to blog on a regular basis, I sure do miss it.