Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Olaf the mischievious

Olaf was back watching over the house this season and this year he was into all sorts of mischief.  One morning we woke up and he had given everyone mustaches.....
He decided to take a relaxing marshmallow bath,
The kids were shocked to wake up one morning to see that he had toilet papered the Christmas tree.
The girls could not stop laughing when we came home one afternoon and he had hitched the ponies together as a team and was riding princess Luna.  Emma said she thought he was pretending he was Santa.
He made snow angels on the counter in some flour,
and got himself stuck behind a window.
Every single morning in Dec. the kids woke me up at the side of my bed excitedly telling me what new place they had found Olaf.  They enjoyed it even more this year than last.  Thanks Olaf for adding to our Christmas fun.

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