Saturday, February 20, 2010

Baby shower

Lisa and Kassi offered to throw me a baby shower which I was really excited about. All three of my kids have had showers. I think it is nice to do a shower for each baby. Not to get more things but to celebrate the excitement of a new little one coming. Mom and the girls came out for the weekend and we headed over to Lisa's. We had a great turn out and it was nice because a whole bunch of girls came from work. Erin came down from Prescott and had made the baby a beautiful soft quilt. We got so many cute cute, girly outfits from everybody. Also a nice play mat from Grandma Tobar and some of the stinkin cutest high top baby tennis shoes ever. It was fun to open all the tiny little socks and outfits and visit and eat and celebrate her arrival. Bringing everything home and folding it and hanging the dresses in her closet gets me so anxious. I am definitely nesting...big time. I am so excited for her to get here so I can love on her :) So fun to have my sisters here, talking about baby stuff and rubbing my belly, waiting patiently to feel her kick. So exciting!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sugar overload for Valentine's

Well this year because of being so pregnant and feeling like I am tired all the time with a major drop in energy, Valentine's Day was a lot more low key around our house. Instead of lots of decor and fun projects and creative delicious gifts for family and friends it was pretty mellow. Hunter had a lot of fun things going on a school such as "candy gram" giving to his teacher and friends and of course a class party. We had fun decorating a shoe box for him to use to put his Valentine's in. I thought it turned out really cute and loved his idea to make a heart shaped flap in the top to drop the cards into. I love the way he thinks. Friday night we took the kids over to the park and had a family picnic with KFC which was really yummy and fun. The kids played on the playground and I pretty much kept watch on the blanket. Avery about put me into contractions when she called for us to look and as we turned our heads leaped with both hands in front of her for the second monkey bar. Deke shot up and rushed over there but she had already managed to somehow grasp it and was hanging on. She is only three mind you and the monkey bars at the park are very high. We are lucky that we didn't have a broken arm or knocked out tooth on that one. On Saturday we went to the mall candy shop and each of the kids got to fill a small bag with any kid of candies they wanted. They were in heaven. Hunter of course was elated to find gummy sharks and bananas. Avery found gummy turtles and then had an overwhelming surplus of jelly beans. They left the store clutching their candy bags as if they contained gold. We headed over to Five n' Diner and had dinner. Of course all mom could think about was a root beer milkshake. Yum. Seriously best root beer milkshake. And the way they bring you the cup it was mixed in so that you can have the leftovers that wouldn't fit in your cup. Amazing. Fully sugared up we waddled home and vegged for the rest of the day. Being seven months pregnant this was definitely my idea of celebrating. Then due to all the sugar intake after we got home the baby was going crazy doing somersaults and kicking up a storm. Deke and I cuddled on the couch, let the kids play and felt her move all around. I love milkshakes :)