Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Santa is coming

I have to start out by saying I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of the kids in their new pjs.  They all look so cute but Hudson's little minion jammies are seriously ridiculous!!  This year Kimbre came and stayed with us the week of Christmas.  It was our first time having her for Christmas and we had so much fun with her.  The kids had spent days making all sorts of little presents for her and putting them under the tree.  For family night we all made decorative christmas plates for christmas eve dinner.  The kids did such an awesome job and they turned out so cute.  We followed the instructions and baked them in the oven and were so bummed when we went to use them and some of the ink bled so we had to throw them out.  We will have to try this one again because the kids had fun doing it.
We had a nice traditional ham and potatoes dinner....
The kids spent the afternoon watching christmas specials and of course tracking santa online through NORAD.  All day long they gave us constant updates about where he was in the world and what the presents delivered total was up to.
After dinner we loaded up in the car and drove around to do our christmas light scavenger hunt.
We came home and baked cookies for Santa and wrote our notes and the kids opened their christmas pjs and slippers from grandma.
Then we turned the yule log on the tv and read the spider story and placed the christmas spider on the tree.  We snuggled up on the couches for a little while and it wasn't until around ten o clock before we finally tucked the little ones in bed.  I was sure that after the busy day and late bedtime they would all sleep well at least until morning.  Boy was I wrong :) :)

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