Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Putting up the tree from three weeks ago oh yeah and a little bit of Thanksgiving..

Well about three weeks ago Dave and Nalene came over and we decided to put up our Christmas tree. The kids we so cute and we let them have free rein of the decorating which meant that there were two giant groups of ornaments on the tree, one about Hunter's height and one about Avery's height. Avery pulled out a snowman ornament and said "look mommy," I told her that it was a snowman and she excitedly said, "look Grandma a coldman." No matter how many times we try to get her to say it correctly she still says coldman, it is really funny. It has been so nice to have the tree up so long so that we can enjoy it. My only regret is that we bought a foot pad that you can step on to turn the tree lights on and off and well lets just say it took about two seconds for the kids to figure out how to use it. Yeah thats been fun.

Well it's only a little over a week before Christmas and I'm finally getting a few pics of Thanksgiving posted.

All I want for Christmas is a new computer.

We enjoyed a great Thanksgiving with the Burch side of the family. Nalene cooked a wonderful dinner and we all ate too much and then relaxed for the rest of the day. Hunter loved playing with the cousins and Avery and Brecken played really cute together. We are excited to be spending Christmas out in San Diego with my mom all week next week.

Upcoming posts include:
* Avery's accident with her dresser

* Hunter's woodchip fettish

* Christmas

* Pictures of the new house