Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Santa take note

Every Christmas eve the kids always leave notes for Santa.  This year Hunter's especially made me smile.  He had quite a few very specific questions for him including, "What is the most presents you have delivered?" "Do you use time time travel?" and asking for his age, favorite cookie and signature.  On the back he had written a recipe to Santa for Reindeer Cakes.  It is hard to read from the picture but it says: Take 3 cups of oatmeal and 2 chopped carrots and mix.  Then make carrot cake.  After mash 4-5 carrots until blended to a pure (puree).  After done mix all ingredients and serve to reindeer. -If you want add sugar for a treat.  Looooooove him.
It was so adorable.  Avery had picked out a special christmas pencil that she wanted to give him and here was her note front and back...
Hudson's drawing....
Somehow I didn't get a picture of Em's note but it was also really cute.  The kids were so excited to wake up the next morning and see that Santa had enjoyed their cookies and also written responses to all of their questions.  Lots of curious kids around this house Santa, sorry about the interrogation :) :)

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