Sunday, February 25, 2007

Happy Birthday

Well Deke celebrates his 27th b-day on the 25th and I
celebrate my 25th on the 27th! Here is just a quick look
back in time. Isn't that picture of Deke adorable? It was
Christmas and he was missing his two front teeth.

We always celebrate our birthdays together and so
tommorrow night we will celebrate. I feel great and
still young turning 25. I have had fun harrassing
Deke about turning twenty seven and nearing thirty,
he is turning into quite the old man :) :) :) :)

Thursday, February 15, 2007


We enjoyed this yummy dinner
last night in celebration of Valentine's
day! Hope everyone had a Happy

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wagon Rides

Now that the weather is starting to get warmer we have

been able to start taking wagon rides around the neighborhood

again. The kids absolutely love it and so does mom!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Big cat, Little cat

As Hunter found out there are all types of cats at Grandma and Grandpa Hatch's house whether it be large bobcats or small cats of the household variety they have them all. Deke and I were impressed to see some of the bobcat furs Grandpa has gotten this trapping season. He taught Hunter a little bit about identifying animals by their tracks and by the end of the weekend Hunter could identify a dog, cat, and chicken print. He also got to go on a "pottery hunt" and find different pieces of Grandpa's pottery collection that was hidden all over the yard. He was able to keep those pieces which he was really excited about. It is so wonderful that Hunter can spend that time with his Great Grandma and Grandpa making memories.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Ethan and Dylan

Well we went up to Snowflake to celebrate Ethan and Dylan's second birthday, attend the temple, and visit them. This year was easier in some ways than last year, yet this day will always be a bittersweet day for our family. We feel so blessed to have Ethan and Dylan, two valiant little spirits as members of this family and feel peace that they have fulfilled their earthly mission. However, we do long for the day that they will be placed in our arms again and we can kiss their sweet cheeks and hear their little cries. We decorated their graves with some little valentine's decorations and we are amazed at how much Hunter understands about Ethan and Dylan for only being three years old. He told us that "Ethan and Dylan are with Heavenly Father and then they are going to come back and play with me." Our hope is that through the experience of having Ethan and Dylan come into our lives that we all may have a greater understanding of Heavenly Father's plan and thank him everyday for the blessing of eternal families.
“The mother and father who laid down their little children, being deprived of the privilege, the joy, and the satisfaction of bringing them up to manhood or womanhood in this world, would, after the resurrection, have all the joy, satisfaction and pleasure, and even more than it would have been possible to have had in mortality, in seeing their children grow to the full measure of the stature of their spirits.” This is as the balm of Gilead to those who grieve, to those who have loved and lost precious children.
- President Thomas S. Monson

Happy Birthday Ethan and Dylan, we love you...

Love is in the air...

Well it's February and love is definitely in the air, even our potatoes are in the spirit of the valentine season...