Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dollar store buckets

The other day I took the kids over to the dollar store and found some simple buckets and shovels for each of them and found a cute little Spiderman mold for Hunter. We went over to their favorite park and they hit the sand. They dug and they dug and dumped and played in the sand all afternoon.
They were so cute digging together and playing next to each other so well.
This is Hunter's cute Spiderman creation with his mold. It actually turned out better than I thought it would.
It was so fun to watch them get so much enjoyment out of something so simple. Thank goodness for the dollar store it helps provide so much entertainment for such minimal cost. Nothing like a shovel and a bucket full of sand to play the day away. They are also both turning into quite the little artist's see the post below.

The Artist's and their creations

Here are some cute shots taken of Avery the other day. I have finally abandoned headbands and have found a new passion for these cute little clippy bows. I spent like $20 in bows the other day but now she has a selection of colors and styles to match all her little outfits.She has found a new love for coloring and drawing. If we go to a restaurant then she wants to color right along with Hunter. She enjoys our magna doodle and loves to lay on the ground on her belly and color. I think she looks so sweet when she does it and sometimes she kicks her little feet up in the air crossed at the ankles which makes me smile.
Well Hunter has had a very busy week this week spending lots of time digging in the backyard for worms. I think the other day he had a total of like twenty six after an hour of digging. He is such an outside guy and would live out there if I would let him. These are just a couple of cute shots of him in the backyard while he was playing.
This is a picture of a bat that he drew all by himself that just about blew his mom and dad out of the water!! I have to admit that is the best drawing of a bat that I have ever seen a four year old draw. He definitely has a creative side to him. What I love most about this drawing has to be tied between the fact that he knew to give the bat arms as well as wings and the little fangs. We were so impressed.

Friday, February 15, 2008

An eye full

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY everyone! I have to admit when it comes to holidays I love to do craft projects, get books about the holiday, cook certain foods or meals and find new and fun ways to celebrate the day. This year Hunter decided that he wanted to make one eyed valentine heart people and so we got busy. Aren't they so cute? Sorry if you are seeing this and still waiting for yours they were sent out a little late. I am really good on the craftiness a little bad about procrastination :)

This year as part of Deke's valentine treats I filled a goblet with some new snacks. Some of these things included marshmellow hearts (made by the company that makes PEEPS) and my favorite new find: Hershey kisses filled with CHEESECAKE FILLING!!!! Okay sorry if these are not new to anyone else and just new to me but I really like them. Let's just say they are almost gone and Deke hasn't even had a chance to try one yet. What is not to like, chocolate good... cheesecake good... bite sized so you can eat more and feel like you are eating less good.

Hunter made me my first very beautiful bouquet of pipe cleaner tissue paper flowers which I loved.This year we decided to surprise Deke with a different sort of valentine, first we made it...

Then we put it on Hunter and went to Deke's office. I sent him in wearing it and carrying a balloon and Deke was so surprised and Hunter was adorable and so excited to surprise daddy he could hardly stand it. It was a good thing that we did this now since he is rapidly getting older and pretty soon would never let me subject him to this kind of thing even if I thought it was adorable. However since he is only four he loved it and was thriving on the attention he was getting from the patients.
It was such a nice valentine's day and we had a lot of fun, on to birthdays for Deke and I later this month and a quickly approaching anniversary for us as well. I am trying to slow life down a little and just take it all in.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

A great time at great grandma and grandpa's

We went up last weekend to see grandma and grandpa Hatch and to celebrate Ethan and Dylan's third birthday. We had a nice weekend, of course we enjoyed a delicious breakfast of grandpa's famous biscuits and gravy and got to bring home some rabbit to eat. Hunter was able to pet and take some pictures with papa's latest bobcat from his trap lines. He thought that was pretty cool and so did daddy. We all went to the lake in ShowLow and had a chance to feed the friendliest ducks and geese I had ever seen. Hunter loved it and so did Avery unless they came to close and then she would start screaming in fear.

As you can see they really liked me and were coming up and eating the bread right out of my hand.

Hunter also had the chance to do a little fishing which of course is one of his latest favorite things.

On the way home the trip that usually takes us three hours took us six and a half including two hours of that completely stopped due to the weather. Though we had nothing as far as snow gear we hurried out in it to play which was sooooo much fun!!
We had such a fun weekend, lots of special time together for our little family and lots of neat memories made for the kids with their great grandparents.