Friday, December 26, 2014

Emma's Market and Cafe

After working on Em's surprise project for over a month we were so excited to finally give it to her.  We used two large tablecloths to cover it and put it by the presents that Santa had already brought.  When the kids walked out into the living room they all were instantly excited to see the two large wrapped items.  We told Emma she could open the big presents that were from mom and dad first.  She started tearing off the cloth and as soon as the sign appeared she saw her name and realized what it was.  She looked at Deke and I with her mouth open as if she was shocked then started looking at all the shelves.  "It's my very own bakery!!! Ave, look it's my own bakery with cupcakes, donuts, cake pops and cookies!!!"  Her face was priceless, she was so surprised.  She came over and gave Deke and I the biggest hugs.  "Thank you, thank you I love it!!" she kept telling us over and over again.  Then off she headed to find her play apron and start inspecting everything in detail and get busy cooking.  
Watching her surprise and happiness on her face completely melted our hearts.  She has played with it non stop since Christmas.  Everyday she is in the bakery making different dishes for people.  All of a sudden I'll hear her holler, "Order up, number three combo...." or "Hunter Burch come to the window your order is ready."  When I am making dinner she puts her apron on and gets busy in her kitchen cooking away and talking to me about how hard it is to keep her restaurant organized and that so and so didn't show up for her shift and that she has to go to her market to get more ingredients and then changes her sign to closed and grabs her basket.  It is the cutest thing ever!!
She has a certain way she likes it organized and Hudson is also in love with the bakery and being only two has his own way of playing in it.  She has had to learn some patience with him "messing everything up" putting in the wrong areas.  Three to four times a day I stop in to get served a delicious piece of chocolate cake, a box full of donuts or some truffles.
About once a week she holds a cooking class where she teaches us how to cook different dishes or has us be the students and cook along side her.  It is so ridiculously cute to listen to her as the teacher giving directions on how to cook.  More often than not when she teaches a class she uses a strong British accent which is hilarious.  Hunter has gotten kicked out of cooking class more than once for giggling about it :)
We are trying to also add some new items to the bakery, she has a cute ice cream set that she wants to get for her birthday and hopefully we can get her a MENU board to go above the kitchen so she can write down all of her choices for people ordering.  One of the best parts about it is that all the kids enjoy playing in it and it has been really fun for all of them to play together.  Love this little baker and all of her creative concoctions :) :)

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