Thursday, May 24, 2012

I tried it.

This year I decided to try to make the Easter dresses.  I saw this picture and thought it was so cute and springy, it became my inspiration.

So after gathering patterns and fabric that I liked I made my own similar rendition.  It is definitely a beginner version but the girls loved them and were so excited to be matching each other.  It was a good project for me since I need to keep working on my sewing skills, but it was really fun to see them done and watch my little girls wear them on Easter Sunday accompanied by their handsome big brother. 


One day I will get caught up on posts, but for now I am just going to do the best I can to get somewhat caught up.  Easter flew by us this year and was enjoyed with a fun ward party, Easter dinner and fun with some Burch cousins and Easter morning basket finding. 

" Nuggle mommy?"

I love this little resident toddler.  As the house's official peacemaker she continues to be such a wonderful little source of affection throughout the day.  If I sit down on the couch she will come over and hug me or climb on my lap.  She also loves to "nuggle" with us.  She will pick up Ariel and say "hi Ariel, want to nuggle Emma?" and then pick her up and squeeze her tight.  It is sweet.  The other day she hopped up on the couch after lunch with Ariel and and said "Nuggle Mommy?"  and patted the spot next to her.  I told her after I finished eating I would come over and snuggle with her.   Not even a minute later I looked over and this is what I saw.  Sweet girl.  Darn you Ariel you stole my snuggle, but you'd better believe after taking this picture I stopped everything I was doing and cuddled up as close as I could to her.  Can't she just stay small forever?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

She turned two.

I love birthday's.  They are always a big deal at this household and we have so much fun planning big parties.  With Emma's second birthday coming I had big plans to give her a sunshine birthday party.  It would have carnival type games, yellow balloons and sunshine cookies, I had found an adorable cake and lots of cute sunshine related pictures for decor. I was super excited.  I had started gettting the invites made....

Then life happened.  I went to San Francisco and took a trip, got over committed with other projects and then the week before/of her birthday ended up in the ER with a double inner ear infection.  Yeah never get one of those.  I was completely down flat on the couch for a week straight.  Totally down, so dizzy I thought I would climb the walls.  I couldn't shower or even get to the bathroom without Deke helping me because if I moved I thought I would pass out.  Awesome.  So Emma's party ended up being just our little family at a park, a week late, not cute decorations, no cookies, a cheap Albertsons' bakery cake and I ended up laying on the blanket the whole time feeling like I was going to pass out trying to enjoy the moment.  The weather was beautiful though and we went to the park right by the Gilbert temple that is being built so what a wonderful view.    The great thing is she is two and for her it was fun.  Here she is opening her presents.  She got some clothes, books and some Squinkies which she is obsessed with.  It is really cute. 

Eating her cake, such a difference this year where she can now use a fork.....  of course it should have made sense that it was too windy for the candles to stay lit so she couldn't blow them out until later at home.
The best part of the day though was when it was time to open her "big" present.  Deke told her to close her eyes and she immediately did this..... I am sorry but is that adorable or what?  She was closing them so tight.

When he told her to open she immediately ran over grinning saying "Emma bike! Emma bike!"  You see her older siblings love riding their bikes out in the front yard.  When they are riding she stands at the end of the driveway watching them saying hi and occasionally yelling "wait guys!!!"  it was breaking our hearts.  Now with a little practice she can join right along with them.  It is so cute watching her try to always keep right up with them she loves them.  We found this adorable little pink trike and I didn't even know they made tiny helmets her size.  So cute. 

Daddy got her helmet on and got her all set up, showed her how to put her feet on the peddals and started trying to teach her how to push with her feet.  She couldn't stop giggling.
As if the bike wasn't already cute enough it also has a little basket on the front where she can carry a baby doll or of course in her world her best mermaid friend.  Oh yes she was thrilled to see that Ariel could also join along in the ride.


After she had had her fair share of bike fun it was run around and chase the ducks and walk around the pond until it was time to go.

It was definitely not what I had hoped to do for her for her big day but watching her get her trike was so much fun and she loved it.  She kept telling us it was "Emma's birthday" and clapping for herself and then singing the birthday song to herself.  I love this little toddler of mine.  She is and has been the sweetest, easiest little one.  She is so happy always singing and so affectionate always hugging me and climbing in my lap asking to "nuggle with me."  She is a little sunshine in our home with her cheery countenance and we all love her so much.  Happy Birthday Miss E!!!!!!