Thursday, June 21, 2012

trying new do's....

I am have been in a little rut when it comes to the girls hair lately.  I have been doing the same styles and then go to church and see all these cute little hair do's and feel super lame-o.  Come on Mom.  Hence, enter Pinterest. I LoVe Pinterest but then again who doesn't? So I looked up some new cute styles and saved them and have resolved to start trying them.  Amazingly Emma was up to letting me experiment and so for church on Sunday we went sporting a new do.  Both the girls looked super cute and were really excited to have their hair "matching."
I am motivated, time to keep trying fun new styles for these two pretty ladies of mine......

LEGO man worship

Last Sunday when we came home from church Avery headed off to play with LEGO's.  When she came out with this creation I couldn't help but crack up and had to take a picture.  "Look Mom the LEGO men are at church and some of them are singing in a group for their mom's and dad's."  Yep Ave that is exactly what it looks like to me.  I love that she actually made the choir up on different level risers and how about the pulpit she made.  Love it.  Choir members include several LEGO agents and Ron Weasley.  Sitting church members include Patrick from SpongeBob, a pirate and agent enemies.  Everyone looks pretty attentive, I should have asked her what they were singing. :)

Phoenix temple

The new Gilbert temple is only about ten minutes from our house and so we get over there and check on its progress a lot.  It is exciting to see how close it is to being done.  The other day we were on the other side of the valley and decided to go see the new Phoenix temple site and check on its progress.  The kids got to go through the visitor center and see the different pictures of the progress and see the shovel from the groundbreaking.
A picture of what it will look like when it is completed probably in 2014...

A couple pictures of the site, it will be so neat to be able to take the kids through two new temples coming up.  It has been really neat to watch them go up.

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Rookie


What a first season this has been.  After a few soccer seasons Hunter ask to try baseball.
As you can see he really is ready!!!
I was so excited to start a new sport with him, MOM taught him a lot about soccer and he had me running in every direction. It was hard to keep up with his speed.
So off to The Sports Autority we went
for a new baseball glove, bat, bucket of balls and batting glove as well.

Under the big lights!!!  With the big hits!!!

One of many!!!

The kid sure knows how to fill out those pants.

Grandpa McWhorter with some words of encouragement.

What A Stud!!!

Look at that form.

Ready for anything.

Protecting This House

Friday, June 08, 2012

Girls like sticks too, duh

Of course they do, especially when there are so many cool ones lying around the ball field.  Sure she spends the first half of the game standing by the fence saying "Hi Hunter!!" over and over again until he acknowledges her and then randomly from her little pink lawn chair yells "Go Parky's" which is meant to be Go Sparky's but if the games almost over and the snacks have run out you'd better believe she is on the hunt for something fun to play.  "Sorry Em I didn't bring any coloring books this time" I told her searching for something fun for her. 

She climbed off her chair and started walking around the grass, she came running back over to me showing me a huge stick that she was quite excited about and kept going around showing it to everyone.  Other than almost puncturing me in the eye and poking herself a couple of times it kept her happily entertained for the rest of the game.

I had to laugh at myself.  Something as simple as that hadn't even crossed my mind.  Duh MeKell just because she is a girl she can still play with sticks and rocks and bugs in the grass too, not just her dolls and coloring books.  Sort of scolding myself for being so "gender specific" I happily watched her have fun with her stick.  Of course after awhile the novelty had worn off and then she dropped it in the grass, ran back over to her pink chair and flopped down dramatically.  "I tired" she said looking and me  "I wanna paint nails" and suddenly we were back in girl world once again. 

Grandma's 70th

 This year for Mother's Day weekend we headed up to Taylor to celebrate my Grandma's 70th birthday.  It was a fun weekend and always great to see all my aunts, uncles and cousins.  A pic of the grandkids that were able to come...
 Saturday night Mom and her sisters had scheduled the church building and decorated it all up for a birthday party for Grandma.  They had a pulled pork dinner with all the extras, a slide show, games, and presents for Grandma. 
 My three were pretty enthusiastic about the pinata business....

 Grandma and Grandpa and their kids.....

 Miss E helping hand GG her birthday presents which included a Shutterfly photo book that all the grandkids made with a page by each kid with pictures and memories of them and Grandma.

 The rest of the weekend was spend laying around, playing games on the grass, pottery hunting, eating and the kids loving being able to be outside all day since it was nice and cool up there.
 Saturday morning we headed over to see Grandpa at an antler show he was doing....that was really cool.  Both he and Bly had some antlers there, I don't think I have ever seen so many in my life. 

 The kids played so hard outside, playing games, swimming and running around with their cousins.  It is so fun for me to watch my kids be able to play with my cousins that are actually closer to their age.  I am so glad they are getting the chance to get to know them better and form those relationships.

 Had to put in a couple of pictures of the sky from the forest fire as we drove home.  It was so nice to get away for the weekend, out of the heat and up to the country for a slower pace of life for a little while.