Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nothing like everyday stuff

Well instead of posting a handful of posts about what we have been up to lately I will just do one long post with a whole bunch of pictures. I went to an enrichment activity last month where we made pillowcase dresses (which are so cute and easy by the way) I might have released a little to much creative energy since the next Sunday I was quickly recruited to make some posters and flyers for our upcoming "Girls Night Out." Once I had made my posters they added that they would love it if I would do the decorations for the night which I excitedly agreed. Hence the pictures above, my creation of centerpieces to go with our garden theme. I had to take some pictures of the kids the other night. I had my little foot bath out and Hunter and Avery were curious so I decided to let them play with it. First Avery put her feet in and Hunter scrubbed her feet and toes and then they traded and Avery scrubbed his. They made a huge, slippery mess but it was sweet to see them playing together and listen to them giggling. Lastly, a couple of weeks ago a family from the preschool gave me some tickets to take our family to see "Robosaurus." It is a huge Robotic T-Rex that breathes fire and eats and crushes cars, exactly what an almost five year old little boy would love to do on a Friday night. It was really neat it came out and growled and blew fire and picked up three cars and ate them. The whole time Hunter kept saying "Whoa mom, look how cool!" and Avery (wide eyed and scared to death) would scream every time it growled. It was a fun thing to get to do as a family and pretty crazy to watch it totally demolish the cars. We also got to see some racing which was interesting for us but not so much for the kids. It was funny to see the kids wearing their little ear plugs.

Monday, July 07, 2008

50 years

I swear if we do not get our computer set up soon I will have a melt down I miss is so much.Well a few weeks ago we headed up to Taylor to celebrate my Grandpa and Grandma Hatch's 50th wedding anniversary. We had family pictures taken, had a wonderful party, a family talent show and made lots of memories. After the party each of the grandkids had prepared a talent and we did a talent show for them. Hunter did a little break dancing since he has recently told us that he is "headed to Vegas after preschool to be on So You Think You Can Dance." Avery did a little dancing herself as well as some of her famous version of push ups. My family is so It was a very special, emotional weekend for me. I had so much fun laughing and visiting with everyone. I could not stop thinking about how much life happens in fifty years. I think of everything that has happened in my marriage after only six years and marvel at the journey of that many years together. My grandparents have seen and been through so much and yet have still walked together side by side through it all. In a world where it seems as if no one stays married for very long anymore it is refreshing to have good examples to look at. To see them sitting next to each other holding hands and reflect on their journey to this point was very touching for me. I love them very much, look up to them, and am enjoying my own journey. Hopefully we will be back in contact with the computer world soon.