Saturday, December 13, 2014

Feeding reindeer

This year at schnepf farms they had baby reindeer that you could pet and feed, we took a hayride out to see them.  We were given ice cream cones filled with food to feed them but on the ride out there the man driving told us the reindeer loved the peach leaves off of the trees more than the pellet food.  
The orchard was right next to the reindeer so as soon as they had finished off the pellets Deke and Hunter went over and started gathering small branches filled with peach leaves.  Sure enough the reindeer started all coming over and gathering at the fences, they loved them so more much.  They were so cute and very gentle, they didn't try to bite at all.  Hudson could feed them all by himself, he would go up to the fence with a handful of leaves and reach through to feed one.  Then he would start giggling, "him tickled me" he would say.
It was so fun that the kids could feed them all on their own.  It provided quite the comedic moment when one sneezed in Ave's face as she was feeding it.  The reindeer were so cute and we stayed out there feeding them peach leaves until the last hayride back was getting ready to go.

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