Thursday, December 31, 2009

A five almost six month update on us Burch's...

Okay so this has to be a record for the longest time I have gone without blogging. However I am back, I will explain my absence in another post but be reassured that it is for good reason :) :) I am frusterated at myself because I have missed recording some of the cute things over the last few months that the kids have been up to...thank goodness for scrapbooking! So here are just a couple of pics from each of the last few months to start to catch up. AUGUST: We have a kindergartener!!!! He is loving school like we knew he would and at parent teacher conferences his teacher told us that his phonics and vocabulary skills are through the roof and way advanced for his age. Hunter has always had an amazing vocabulary, when he started talking it wasn't really words it was full on sentences. She told us that the other day he had a group of five kids around his seat explaining to them what the word echolocation meant, which animals use it and then quizzed them to make sure they had retained the concept. She thought that he did such a good job that she let him teach the whole class about it on a Friday afternoon. She said the only problem she has with him is his incessant need to socialize. She has moved his seat four times, not because he isn't getting his work done but because no one he sits next to can because of his visiting. :) He is doing so well and she tells us he adds a lot of personality to the class. I have missed him so much but it just feels so right that we have just enjoyed it so much with him.
SEPTEMBER: I find another cute tutu for Ave who continues to love dress up and all things of a girly nature. Her favorite book is now Pinkalicious and her favorite pastime is playing and loving on her baby dolls. She can be quite the bossy pants but then in an instant be so stinkin sweet. Deke who has a good "green thumb" plants a garden in the back yard. Here is a shot of some of the tomatoes, the kids loved watching the veggies grow and tasting them. We seemed to have a surplus of radishes which I disliked because I don't even like them but hey the kids will eat them so it is all good.Hunter still continues to be our LEGO master. I asked him what this was and he looked at me and said "Mom, it is a banana tree can't you tell?" Now I took a close up picture of the banana hanging once I figured it out I hope you can see it but looking at the whole creation I would not have guessed that banana tree was what he would call it. However his little mind cracks me up for surely it is a little banana hanging from a tree.OCTOBER: Halloween! Lots of people don't enjoy Halloween, but I love it. I love all the fun traditions we have of making fun foods like boo bugs and ghost pancakes etc etc. I love all the kids in there little costumes especially the babies. I love the fall it is my favorite season. Here are some pics of the kids from Halloween. My mom and Eden came out to trick or treat with us which was so much fun. Hunter was a GI JOE ninja combination, Eden was Snow White and Avery was a fairy princess. They were all so cute and it was so much fun. NOVEMBER: Hunter is halfway through his soccer season, this was his first organized sports team and he loved it. It was so cool to watch his progress throughout the season. It was great to have lots of family get to come and watch him and his different games.
DECEMBER: will update on another post but it has been good to finally catch up a bit. Hope everyone is having a HAPPY HOLIDAY :) :) :)