Friday, October 26, 2007

For your entertainment

Here are two videos of Hunter with his new microphone. I can't decide judging by these videos, if he is striving to be a singer or a stand up comedian. I swear there is not a shy bone in this child's body. I have never met a kid who loved to talk so much, he cracks us up with his random thoughts! Have a great Friday!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Praying for mom

Well I am sure that everyone has heard about the fires going on in California. Yesterday my mom, Marley and Eden had to evacuate because the fire was right in their neighborhood. When we talked to mom last night she said that so far the house was fine and that they were staying at one of Marley's friends houses. My mom said that they were watching the fire head down the hill into the canyon where Poway sits and that you just wouldn't believe it. I am so thankful that they are fine and hope that the winds will die down so that they can try to get the fire under control. When my mom was telling me about going through the house and choosing what to take, it made me think about my own preparedness. Would I have everything that our family needed to live a few days in a disaster situation? It also made me think about needed to set our plans as to where we would meet if we became separated. It is always good to have plan and it is time for me to look and see where we can make improvements. Looks like we have a good topic for FHE next Monday! I don't know when mom and the girls will be able to go back into the house or what the latest is on the fire in their area but I will try to keep everyone posted as I find out.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

San Diego

Well we headed out after work last Thursday for San Diego to go and see mom and the girls. Kimbre and Brenn were both in town also which was great since we were able to see everyone. The weather was as usual gorgeous and we couldn't believe how green it was. There are not many places in California that I would want to live but I would live in San Diego it is so beautiful there. We were able to take the kids to the Birch Aquarium, celebrate Kimbre's 21st birthday with her, and spend some much needed family time with my mom and sisters. The jellyfish at the aquarium were so neat, all different sizes and colors. Hunter, Avery and Eden played and enjoyed each other so much. They had a lot of fun playing in the leaves in mom's yard that are actually changing colors.

It as always went too fast but we enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks mom and girls for a great weekend, we came home feeling rested and rejuvenated. I gave the blog a little photo change for fall, does anyone else have a ridiculous time getting your kids to both look at the camera at the same time??

Pics from San Diego

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bridal Shower

My cousin Claudia is getting married in December and we are throwing her a bridal shower on Friday. It is so neat because the first five grandchildren for my grandparents were girls and we all have grown up together. We have made some great memories along the way, my cousins are the best. So far I have been the only one that is married and now Claudia will be soon. It will be fun to get together with all of the girls and spend some time together. The colors for the shower are pink and brown but I really thought that the leopard print boxes were cute. These are the gift boxes I made for people filled with some fun stuff. I think it is going to be a lot of fun!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

A new do

I have been itching for change as far as my hair is concerned and finally decided to go for it. I asked the woman at the salon to give me a nice brown chestnut color. It turned out a lot darker than I was expecting, I am not sure that I like it. Deke likes it and I go back and forth. What do you think??

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Finally fall

It's Finally FALL!!
Well there is just nothing to kick off the month of October and the holiday seasons like some releasing of creativity. It just doesn't feel like Halloween time until you have gone and BOO'd someone, in this case Grandpa McWhorter's office. Hunter loved putting the ghosts up all over the windows. Tonight we enjoyed painted some wooden Halloween masks. Something about this time of year makes me feel crafty. I have been scrapbooking like crazy, feel like quilting, and all of a sudden have an urge to create a floral arrangement?!?
I miss PV with the cooler weather and have always wanted to live somewhere where the leaves change color. The fall colors are my absolute favorite, I love that our kitchen is decorated in those colors. As far as Halloween goes, the current dilemma with my eldest child is costume choice. I will blog with all the details later. Happy beginning of fall everyone!!