Saturday, December 13, 2014

Nighttime train ride

We went to the McCormick Stillman railroad park in Scottsdale to ride the holiday train.  We could not believe how many people were there and how long the line was when we got there.  As we stood in line we talked to the people around us who assured us that it would be worth the wait.  Deke and I took turns holding our place in line while the other one took the kids around to see some of the other things in the park like the giant steam engine that was all lit up with christmas lights....  

All the trees in the park were lit up and they had Christmas music playing.  They had a carousel and a railroad museum filled with model trains.
After an hour and a half of waiting we got ready to board the train. Hudson could hardly stand it he was so excited.  We were right by the gate when they told us we would have to wait for the next train, they were completely full.  As the train pulled away Hudson went to pieces, "no train! come back! no go bye bye!!!" he was beside himself.  It took a minute for Deke and I to be able to convince him that it was coming right back and when it pulled back into the station he started cheering and clapping.
Off we went through the park that was completely decorated with all sorts of fun light displays.  It looked awesome and Hudson was wide eyed the entire time.  It was really fun and worth the wait.  Just walking around the park and riding the train really got me in the Christmas spirit.  Hudson can't stop talking about seeing Thomas and riding on him.

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